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Is MMLP2 underrated?

Is MMLP2 underrated?

Conversation. MMLP2 is a debatable classic. We need to have a conversation about that album some time, it’s underrated af only because it’s not as perfect as the original MMLP but overall the album and its content is awesome and lyrically MIGHT be the best Eminem album ever.

What albums have been released by Eminem?

Eminem released his first studio album “Infinite” 22 years ago. Since then he’s released 8 more solo studio albums, a soundtrack to his own movie, chipped in for the Southpaw and Next Friday soundtracks, a Bad Meets Evil Project, 2 unofficial mixtapes, 2 Shady Records albums, 2 D12 albums, a greatest hits album, a bunch of features and probably more that I can’t remember.

What is the Eminem top selling album?

The Beatles,1,11,499,000 units sold

  • ‘NSYNC,No Strings Attached,11,112,000 units sold
  • Norah Jones,Come Away With Me,10,546,000 units sold
  • Eminem,The Marshall Mathers LP,10,204,000 units sold
  • Eminem,The Eminem Show,9,799,000 units sold
  • Usher,Confessions,9,712,000 units sold
  • Linkin Park,Hybrid Theory,9,663,000 units sold
  • Is Eminem going to make another album?

    Noted rapper Eminem may well be on his way to drop another album. And since he’s into launching surprise ones now, this album or single might also follow that path. This strong rumor was planted when a picture got leaked on social media showing the Lose Yourself singer, with a full beard, in front of a green screen, possibly shooting for a scene.

    What is Eminems most popular album?

    Best Eminem Albums. The Top Ten. 1 The Marshall Mathers LP. Dark, Twisted, Horrifying… Amazing, a Masterpiece, the Best. Degrading, Misogynistic, Homophobic… but Eminem loves Kim, has matured, and doesn’t hate gays. This album is deep, offensive in so many ways, and ridiculous irresponsible. But that’s why it’s the best.