Is Mark Ella Aboriginal?

Is Mark Ella Aboriginal?

Mark Gordon Ella, AM (born 5 June 1959) is an indigenous Australian former rugby union footballer.

How old is Steve Ella?

61 years (July 28, 1960)Steve Ella / Age

Where is Steve Ella now?

The “Zipzip Man” won 4 premierships, played 4 tests for Australia and 8 Origin games for NSW. In retirement, Ella, a proud Yuin man, spent over two decades saving lives as a drug and alcohol counsellor, and now heads up Aboriginal health at Gosford hospital.

Where did the Ella brothers go to school?

Born in Sydney and educated at Matraville High School, the brothers was members of the undefeated 1977/78 ‘Invincibles’ Australian Schools side. It is arguable that there has never been a better schoolboys backline than the one Australia fielded against Wales on that tour – 9.

Why did Mark Ella retire?

I had better things to do. I never wanted to play forever. I’d told my wife and friends and most of the people at Randwick knew that win, lose or draw I was going to retire. We won the Grand Slam, I worked for Rothmans for five months in the UK and announced my retirement when I came back.

When did Mark Ella retire?

After retiring in 1984, in 1988 Ella was appointed Chairman of the Aboriginal Cricket Association taking on the role of Manager during a seven week tour of England to commemorate the first tour of any Australian sporting side overseas, an Aboriginal cricket team.

Is Steve Ella married?

Australian Rugby League star Steve Ella (1982-83 Kangaroos) is also a cousin. Mark married childhood sweetheart Kim Samuelson in 1985. They have two children, Nicole and Simon.

Who is Eels coach?

Brad ArthurParramatta Eels / Coach (Head coach)

Brad Arthur has been Head Coach of the Blue & Gold since October 2013. In the 2017 season Arthur guided Parramatta to their first finals series since 2009 and finished fourth on the premiership ladder.

When was Marcia Ella Duncan born?

. 1963
Marcia Ella-Duncan (b. 1963), a descendant of the Yuin nation, was the first Indigenous scholarship holder at the Australian Institute of Sport and the first Indigenous woman to play international netball for Australia.

Is Jake Arthur related to Brad Arthur?

Background. He is the son of Eels head coach Brad Arthur and is a halfback for the Parramatta Eels.

What type of coach is Brad Arthur?

rugby league football coach
Brad Arthur (born 21 May 1974) is an Australian professional rugby league football coach who was the head coach of the Parramatta Eels in the NRL….Brad Arthur.

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Born 21 May 1974 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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