Is Lenskart spectacles good?

Is Lenskart spectacles good?

Lenskart has a good collection of Vincent Chase and John Jacobs eyeglasses and sunglasses which is in tune with the latest trends and are available at affordable prices. While they have a great range, sometimes product delivery takes longer time usual than a normal optician due to their repeat quality checks.

Is Lenskart app safe?

The Company maintains secure and reasonable security practices and procedures which are proprietary and unique to the Company (“Security Practice”).

Which brand is best in Lenskart?

The features offered on Lenskart are as follows:- Top brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Carrera, Lee Cooper, Vincent Chase, and John Jacobs etc. These huge arrays of eyewear are made with the best materials. Durable frames with best designs.

Which brand lens does Lenskart use?

Tokai lenses
Lenskart brings to you the ultimate elixir for your strained eyes and get the maximum benefit from your eyeglasses with the premium Tokai lenses.

Which is better Lenskart vs Titan?

Based on my personal experiences, I would say Titan Eye Plus is better than Lenskart. Frame and Lens quality is far better in Titan Eye Plus than Lenskart. I have glasses from both the brands but I regularly use Titan Eye Plus glasses. They are durable and more convenient compared to Lenskart glasses.

Is Lenskart in USA?

Indian eyewear retailer Lenskart has set up its first-ever tech centre in New York to venture into the US market.

Who is CEO of Lenskart?

Peyush Bansal (Nov 2010–)Lenskart / CEO

Is Lenskart lens better than crizal?

Originally Answered: Does lenskart not offer Crizal lenses? No. Their lens are mostly normal and tinted.

How good is the customer service at Lenskart?

-Let’s talk about customer service, customer service provided by lenskart is very good, the UI for customer service is a bit slow but yet they provide good service and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

How does Lenskart work?

Lenskart allows you to either input your prescription details manually or simply upload a photo for them to review. You can also quickly take a look at their network of in-store opticians you can visit if you’d like to speak with someone in person. How Does Their Sizing Work?

Is the quality of glasses and frames in Lenskart good?

The quality of glasses and frames are satisfactory. I would recommend my friends, family, and colleagues to visit Lenskart shop for glasses. Personally, I don’t prefer online shopping for glasses because I have to be sure about the frame which I buying. Frame width, weight, and exact color also matter. Take Care.

Why should you choose-Lenskart?

-Lenskart makes the process of testing, buying, and delivery very easy and as per customers’ satisfaction.