Is lag compensation bad?

Is lag compensation bad?

Lag compensation leads to “nonsense,” but it’s intended “It feels bad to get shot when you think you’re behind cover due to bad ping. It also feels bad to get shot by somebody before you could even see them due to bad ping. But the nonsense is distributed symmetrically,” developer Earl Hammon added.

What is lag compensation?

Lag compensation is the notion of the server using a player’s latency to rewind time when processing a usercmd, in order to see what the player saw when the command was sent.

Can you use lag to your advantage?

Everybody lags for a slightly longer time, so everybody has a slight disadvantage compared to other games – which turn evens out. The plus side of this means that almost everybody can use lag to their advantage – not just excellent connection.

Is lag compensation necessary?

To eliminate this issue, lag compensation is needed on server side, such that an artificial delay is added to P2 so that both P1 and P2 experience the same lag on both up and downlink traffic and the game thus becomes fairer.

What is lag compensation DST?

Disabling “Lag Compensation” lets you see what the server sees (just about) as it happens, since the facade has been disabled. Your movements WILL feel delayed, but that delay was there REGARDLESS of the setting.

What is lag compensation in modern warfare?

The idea behind lag compensation is essentially to make all players, regardless of internet connection, be on like an equal footing. It’s not an exploit an individual can do, it’s a system put in place by the dev team. That’s the theory or desired effect around it.

Why is lag so laggy?

Lag is usually caused by a slow cellular or Wi-Fi connection, or having too many apps downloaded on your computer or smartphone. If your device has a lot running in the background, then it will slow down all of your apps, including your gaming apps.

What is lag compensation tf2?

Lag compensation is most commonly the technical reason behind cases of kills or actions that would otherwise seem infeasible in given circumstances; for example, when players perceive themselves to have been “shot through a wall” by a Sniper, backstabs being performed at the incorrect angle (known as facestabs), or …

Is high ping good apex?

Those with higher ping become harder to shoot while benefiting from the shooter advantage. It is bad enough when someone has a ping that is high but then Apex splits those packets for updates further delaying the updates while the play back portion of the netcode allows them to front load all damage on their targets.