Is KoAloha a good brand?

Is KoAloha a good brand?

Today, they make ukes of all sizes at all price points and are well-known for their innovative and unusual designs. All KoAloha ukuleles come with a “Better than the Weather” warranty—regarded as one of the best in the industry.

What does KoAloha mean?

The name KoAloha comes from the Hawaiian words kou aloha, meaning “your love.” The name also includes “koa,” which is a native Hawaiian wood used to make KoAloha ukuleles.

Where are KoAloha ukuleles made?

It’s hardly surprising that some of the world’s best ukuleles are still made in Hawaii. And it happens that four preeminent makers whose names begin with K—Kamaka, Kanile`a, Ko`olau, and KoAloha—are based on Hawaii’s third-largest island, Oahu, “The Gathering Place.”

What strings does KoAloha use?

Active member. KoAloha uses Worth CM strings for their concerts (all models, including Opio) and LN sopranos.

Which ukulele brand is best for beginners?

The 8 best beginner ukuleles 2022: Top entry-level ukuleles for kids and adults

  • Mahalo. Kahiko Series MK1 Soprano Ukulele.
  • Kala. KA-15S Soprano Ukulele.
  • Cordoba. 15CM Concert Ukulele.
  • Kala. MK-B Makala Classic Baritone Ukulele.
  • Fender. Fullerton Stratocaster Ukulele.
  • Ibanez. UEW5 Concert Ukulele.
  • Cordoba. 15TM Tenor Ukulele.
  • Kala.

Who makes Pono ukulele?

Ko’olau Ukulele
​Pono Ukuleles is the affordable import line of Ko’olau Ukulele. In Hawaii, Pono is a very respectful expression for something right or done right. The complete Hawaiian definition for high-quality craftsmanship is Maiau Pono. Pono’ ukuleles are made with Ko’olau’s standards and use only quality materials.

Where are Kanile a ukuleles made?

Kanilea Ukuleles are a Hawaiian company run by Joseph and Kristen Souza. All their ukuleles are made in Hawaii and you can take a tour of the factory if you happen to be on Oahu (you can find out more on their website).