Is Highbury a nice place to live?

Is Highbury a nice place to live?

Highbury features in Sunday Times best places to live, 2020 Highbury has been named one of the 10 best places to live in London by The Sunday Times for having, “Islington’s good looks,” while being “far from the madding crowds of Upper Street.”

Is Highbury and Islington a nice place to live?

Highbury and Islington is a damn pretty place to live. It has some of the best preserved Victorian architecture around, and you’ll soon find yourself ogling at the five-story Edwardian townhouses that line the elegant streets and boulevards.

What is Highbury famous for?

Famed as the former home of Arsenal football club, Highbury is an elongated settlement in north Islington, between Canonbury and Finsbury Park. In the 13th century the farms and woodland here came into the possession of the Knights Hospitaller, a military monastic order.

How big is Highbury Fields?

29 acres
Highbury Fields is an open space in Highbury, in the London Borough of Islington. At 11.75 hectares (29 acres), it is the largest open space in the borough. It extends north from Highbury Corner almost as far as Highbury Barn.

Is Highbury Fields nice?

Highbury, its quiet and while some parts are still a little rough, in small places, its still a nice area. Just be careful Boris Johnston doesn’t run you over on his bike.

What’s it like living in Islington?

So what’s it really like to live in Islington? “An eclectic range of housing options, excellent retail, dining and nightlife opportunities and brilliant commuting links are just a few of the reasons why so many people find themselves drawn to Islington.”

Is Highbury & Islington safe?

Highbury has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

Why is it called Highbury?

Early history Highbury takes its name from a manor house built on a hill in 1271. At a time when most of the area was made up of farms and woodland, Alicia de Barrow, an owner of Highbury Manor, gave the land to the Knights Hospitallers, a medieval religious and military order.

How far is it to run around Highbury Fields?

Highbury Fields is a 0.9 mile (2,000-step) route located near Highbury, London, England….Highbury Fields.

Length 0.9 mi
Est. Steps 2000