Is guillotine any good?

Is guillotine any good?

Strengths. Guillotine performs at her best when fighting foes that are stronger than herself. Her percentage based damage on her third Special Attack allows her to deal massive damage and put her at a good advantage.

How do you get souls with guillotine?

Guillotine relies on being aggressive and dealing consistent damage to feed her blade and gain extra souls. Increasing Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage helps accomplish this by increasing her bleed output and Soul Charge accumulation.

How good is Thor Ragnarok MCOC?

Thor Ragnarok excels at stacking Debuffs on the opponent to both disable and deal considerable damage to them. His Special 3 inflicts a Shock Debuff as well as grants him a Buff that gives a chance to inflict a Shock Debuff with each attack he lands.

What is realm of legends MCOC?

The Realm of Legends is a Special Quest. It was considered impossible to beat until BrutalDLX beat it. This event at the time was considered one of the hardest events in the game, until Kabam released harder content, including the harder Labyrinth of Legends and Abyss of Legends.

Who is guillotine in Marvel?

Jeannine Sauvage
Jeannine Sauvage adopted the moniker “Guillotine” and is now the wielder of the cursed sword “La Fleur Du Mal”, also known as the Blood Sword. See how she commands the power of this mighty weapon in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Does Thor Ragnarok need to be awakened?

Pre-buff Thor had nothing for his kit unawakened and did not function without the awakening. With the buff the devs did the same thing with Gamora’s buff by integrating his former sig ability into his base kit.

Who is AEgon Marvel?

A native of the Battlerealm, Ægon is member of an alien race that evolved in space who abandoned his people’s pacifistic views and became a Gladiator fighting in the Contest of Champions.