Is German Village in Columbus Safe?

Is German Village in Columbus Safe?

German Village With a crime rate of less than one percent, a 96 percent high school graduation rate, and a nearly 70 percent post-secondary degree rate, it’s a safe and highly educated area. German Village is a haven of historic buildings, coffeehouses, art galleries, and specialty stores.

Did Germans settle Ohio?

People of German heritage were among the earliest white settlers of Ohio. Many migrated from Pennsylvania during the late 1700s and the early 1800s along Zane’s Trace. Others came later to help build the numerous canals constructed during the 1820s and 1830s.

Where is the German village in Columbus Ohio?

Located just south of downtown Columbus, German Village is one of the most atmospheric neighborhoods in the Midwest. Originally built by German settlers in the mid-1800s, the lovingly restored brick houses, shops, streets and sidewalks are full of historic charm and modern swank.

What is the difference between the old and new German village?

A highway bridge over Interstate 70 is all that separates the German Village Historic District from downtown Columbus, but as one looks east from the interstate, the difference between old and new is glaring. A 20+ story structure sits just north of the interstate bridge, and just south, in German Village, no structure is higher than three stories.

What is the German Village Society?

The German Village Society is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Members of the German Village Society serve as Caretakers of A Legacy, dedicated to retaining the character and distinction of the past while creating a thriving and contemporary community in German Village. And for family, friends and visitors, it’s also a home away from home.

Where is the Brewery District in Berlin?

View our full-sized map . Immediately west of German Village, primarily oriented along High and Front Streets, is the Brewery District.