Is Flavobacterium Gram-positive?

Is Flavobacterium Gram-positive?

Flavobacterium species are nonfastidious, oxidase-positive, gram-negative rods that do not ferment glucose.

What is Flavobacterium capsulatum?

A case of multiple eruptive skin granulomas caused by Flavobacterium capsulatum is described. The organism was resistant or poorly sensitive to all antibiotics except carbenicillin. Cure was brought about by using maximal doses of this drug.

Is Flavobacterium capsulatum Gram-positive or negative?

According to Bernardet et al Flavobacteria are gram-negative aerobic rods, 2-5 um long, 0.3-0.5 um wide, with rounded or tapered ends that are motile by gliding, yellow (cream to orange) colonies on agar, decompose several polysaccharides but not cellulose, G+C contents of 32 – 37 %, and are widely distributed in soil …

What is differential staining technique?

Differential Staining is a staining process which uses more than one chemical stain. Using multiple stains can better differentiate between different microorganisms or structures/cellular components of a single organism.

Where is Flavobacterium found?

Flavobacterium are found in both soil and fresh water environments. Pathogenic strains of Flavobacterium can infect fish such as salmonids and trouts.

What is the procedure of the Gram stain?

The Gram stain involves staining bacteria, fixing the color with a mordant, decolorizing the cells, and applying a counterstain.

  1. The primary stain (crystal violet) binds to peptidoglycan, coloring cells purple.
  2. Gram’s iodine (iodine and potassium iodide) is applied as a mordant or fixative.

What is differential staining describe the principle and procedure of Gram staining?

Gram staining is a differential bacterial staining technique used to differentiate bacteria into Gram Positive and Gram Negative types according to their cell wall composition. It is the most widely used and the most important staining technique in bacteriology, especially in medical bacteriology.

Where is flavobacterium found?

Is flavobacterium anaerobic?

nov., an aerobic, psychrophilic, xylanolytic and laminarinolytic bacterium from Antarctica.