Is EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze Good?

Is EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze Good?

With price and performance in mind, the EVGA 500B is the best value power supply for your next build on a budget. With 80 Plus Bronze standard, over 80% efficiency under typical loads, the EVGA 500B is a great choice.

Is aerocool PSU reliable?

it’s not reliable because it’s unpredictable. I’ve often wondered if the PSU hysteria for general office type computers is overstated. I’ve worked on friends and family members systems before and they often have shockingly bad bundled power supplies, yet seemingly last the time.

Can a RTX 3070 run on 500W?

The recommended Power Supply for a RTX 3070 is 650Watts. You might be able to run it with a 500Watt power supply but you will be straining the supply and it may not last as long. Upgrading your PSU as well will add what 10–15% to your budget so it would be a wise move.

Is 500W enough for RTX 3080?

Yes, it’s enough, but it might not be ideal. An RTX 3080 uses up to around 370W under peak load, and a Ryzen 9 5900X uses up to around 150W under peak load.

Is 500watt enough for RTX 3060?

While Nvidia recommends your PSU to be at least 550W for the RTX 3060, their results were tested using a high-end i9 processor.