Is enchanteur body lotion good for face?

Is enchanteur body lotion good for face?

The bottom line. Putting body lotion on your face once or twice probably won’t cause any lasting harm. All the same, body lotion isn’t meant for facial skin, so it could make some skin concerns worse. Sticking to products specifically formulated for your face will generally do more to benefit your skin in the long run.

Is Enchanteur body lotion a moisturizer?

Enchanteur’s hand and body lotion is especially enriched with hydrating emollients to soften and moisturize your skin, this lotion is non greasy and keeps you fragrant and fresh all day.

What are the benefits of enchanteur body lotion?

It has a non-greasy formula which leaves your skin non-oily and non-sticky. It moisturizes your skin leaving it well-nourished and buttery soft. This body gives you an instant shine and glow to your hands and body leaving it smooth and hydrated.

Does enchanteur lotion lighten skin?

Radiant White Body Lotion | Enchanteur. Let your skin experience exuberance with the Enchanteur Radiant White Body Lotion. This charming lotion lightens the skin tone and makes you feel extraordinary.

Who owns enchanteur?

Today, Enchanteur, the flagship brand of Wipro-Unza, is available in over 50 countries, including India (launched by Wipro Consumer Care).

Is enchanteur body lotion good for oily skin?

Its non-greasy formula keeps your skin moisturized without making it oily and it’s suitable for Indian weather. It is perfect for all skin types because we’ve controlled the oil balance with our ingredients. It has a perfume-like fragrance from Bulgarian roses to keep your skin smelling divine.

Is enchanteur body lotion good for dry skin?

It is perfect for dry skin that needs extra care. Apply it after your shower, using a generous portion on dry areas like your elbows, ankles and knees. This lotion offers deep, nourishing care for your skin with cocoa butter.

Which country made enchanteur?

Enchanteur Romantic Perfumed Body Lotion (Made in Malaysia) (250 ml) Enchanteur, a well reputed brand which is famous for an international range of perfumes and personal care products.

Is enchanteur halal?

Other brands in the bag include Romano, Enchanteur, Dashing, Carrie Junior, and Sumber Ayu. “Since inception, Safi has consistently been 100% halal, even beyond what the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) would certify [as] halal.

Who owns Enchanteur?