Is Edexcel an awarding body?

Is Edexcel an awarding body?

Edexcel began as an awarding organisation following the merger of London Examinations and BTEC in 1996. After Pearson became our awarding organisation in April 2013, Edexcel became a qualification brand, now standing as one of Pearson’s leading brands.

How much is Edexcel worth?

Edexcel, Britain’s biggest exam board, is now a £1 billion business which has seen its profits rise more than sixfold over the past seven years, accounts disclose.

Is the awarding organisation Pearson or Edexcel?

From 3 April 2013, our awarding organisation will be known as Pearson rather than Edexcel. As you may know, Pearson has been the parent company of the awarding organisation Edexcel since 2003.

Is Edexcel an exam board?

Edexcel (also known since 2013 as Pearson Edexcel) is a British multinational education and examination body formed in 1996 and wholly owned by Pearson plc since 2005. It is the only privately owned examination board in the United Kingdom. Its name is a portmanteau term combining the words education and excellence.

Is Edexcel accredited?

Pearson Edexcel IALs are recognised by US universities including: Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

What does name of awarding body mean?

An organization responsible for the conduct of assessment leading to recognized awards such as the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), Vocational Advanced Levels, and key skills certification, and for the issuing of certification.

Is Edexcel Recognised?

globally recognised qualifications: edexcel iALs are recognised by local and international universities across the world. Pearson created Edexcel IALs in partnership with world leading higher-Education Institutions, to offer student progression onto a fulfilling and worthwhile study programme.

Which is better Edexcel or AQA?

Key differences. The AQA papers are equally weighted, putting less pressure on students to do better in one than the other. Edexcel’s two papers are split 40%/60% and have a greater emphasis on persuasive and instructional writing. Edexcel offer students a choice of writing questions on both papers.

Which is harder Edexcel or Cambridge?

Both the exams are considered to be of the same difficulty level over all with differences in opinion regarding subject wise difficulty. An example being that, CIE has a reputation for being easier than Edexcel for English, and harder for maths.

What is the subject fee for the Edexcel Award?

Pearson Edexcel Award Subject Fee Edexcel Award subjects (levels 1 or 2) £19.80 Edexcel Award subjects (level 3) £19.80 B0955 ersion 1.0 November 2021 DCL1: Public

How much does it cost to study Edexcel?

Pearson Edexcel Award Subject Fee Edexcel Award subjects (levels 1 or 2) £19.80 Edexcel Award subjects (level 3) £19.80 B0955 ersion 1.0 November 2021 DCL1: Public Edexcel Projects and Extended Project Subject Fee Foundation & Higher Projects £36.00 Extended Project £57.00 Edexcel Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2

How much does it cost to open a Pearson UK College?

We’ll be charging a one-off fee of £1000 upon successful approval as a brand new Pearson UK college or work-based learning centre. Payment will be subject to Pearson’s usual payment terms of 30 days.

What is Pearson Edexcel International A levels?

Progress to your ideal higher education institution, either at home or overseas, with the internationally recognised Pearson Edexcel curriculum. It’s the international version of the British educational system, by the largest UK awarding body. See which universities recognise the Edexcel International A levels.