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Is Drayton a Leatherface?

Is Drayton a Leatherface?

Drayton Sawyer (The Cook) Drayton Sawyer, is portrayed by Jim Siedow in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where he served as the main antagonist, by Bill Moseley in Texas Chainsaw 3D, and by Dimo Alexiev in Leatherface.

Is Drayton Sawyer the father of Leatherface?

Drayton Sawyer, also known as The Cook and The Old Man, is a member of the cannibalistic Sawyer Family and the father of Leatherface, Nubbins Sawyer, and Loretta Sawyer. He was portrayed by Jim Siedow in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and by Bill Moseley in Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Was Chainsaw Massacre a true story in Texas?

The good news is that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is technically fictional. The bad news is that the movie is most definitely based on a real-life murderer.

Is the Sawyer family inbred?

The Sawyers (renamed the Hewitts in the remake and its prequel) are a large, Southern white-American family of inbred butchers, cannibals and serial killers in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, who live in the Texas backwoods, where they abduct, torture, murder, and eat stranded motorists.

Who was we Sawyer?

W.E. Sawyer is a supporting antagonist in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, having first been mentioned to have been charged for the crimes perpetrated by the Sawyer Family in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Is the Sawyer family still alive?

Members of this family are: W.E. Sawyer, now alive. The Next Generation retcons a detail from the previous film by stating that none of the family members were caught.

How did Leatherface become deformed?

Lizzy pleads with him for mercy and tries to appeal to his better nature, but when she insults his mother, all hope is lost for her. He swings his chainsaw and decapitates her, then stitches the skin from her face into his first mask, officially becoming Leatherface.