Is Burton Custom X good for carving?

Is Burton Custom X good for carving?

The Burton Custom X is their flagship old school aggressive all mountain board that is great for carving and bombing. This is not for beginners or intermediate riders who skid their turns. This is for advanced riders who want to push themselves to expert level and expert riders who want an aggressive carving board.

Can a beginner ride a Burton Custom X?

Also not for the beginner at all – way too aggressive for that. Also not for an intermediate rider – This is really an advanced and up board. And also not a jibber. This board is really for those advanced to expert riders who want to carve all day at speed and hit some pretty aggressive lines.

How much does a Burton Custom X weigh?

Size Details

Board Size 150 158
Weight Range 120-180 lbs. / 54-82 kg 150-200 lbs. / 68-91 kg
Waist Width 248mm 254mm
Stance Location -12.5 -12.5
Binding Sizes M M/L

What is a flat top snowboard?

A Flat Top snowboard has no camber or rocker between the feet. This flat profile makes the board stable and predictable. Type of Riding. Flat profile boards that have a softer flex are great for beginners and intermediate riders looking for an easy-to-ride board that can progress with their riding.

How old is Jake Burton Carpenter?

65 years (1954–2019)Jake Burton Carpenter / Age at death

How wide is a Burton Custom?

Size Details

Board Size 150 156
Sidecut Depth 20.0mm 21.1mm
Stance Width 505mm 560mm
Nose Width 288.1mm 294.3mm
Tail Width 288.1mm 294.3mm

What is pop in snowboarding?

Camber puts springiness (or pop) into skis and snowboards and gives skiers and boarders good edge control while carving turns.