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Is Audi ski commercial real?

Is Audi ski commercial real?

Many thought the ad used heavy CGI and was faked. We can’t blame them – some of the stunts Thovex pulls off are scarcely believable, but we’re happy to report they were wrong. While some CGI was used to mesh the scenes together, all of Thovex’s skiing was one hundred percent real.

What does Candide Thovex ski?

For 95 percent of the shoot, he rode completely standard, straight off-the-shelf options from his sponsor, Faction Skis. (He used a current model of his signature ski, the Faction CT 4.0.)

Did Candide Thovex Ski the Great Wall of China?

Today is sorta like Christmas for any skier — or heck, even anyone with a heartbeat. It’s the day when professional skier/stuntman Candide Thovex drops his latest ridiculous edit.

What skis does Alex Hall ride?

The PRODIGY 2.0 ALEX HALL LTD is an athlete limited edition all-mountain freestyle ski. Alex Hall sees the world differently. Limited to 100 pairs and featuring his signature, the Prodigy 2.0 Alex Hall Ltd is a celebration of a unique perspective on freeskiing.

Do Faction skis come waxed?

WAXING. All our skis are already waxed by the factory so there is no need to get your skis waxed immediately after purchase. Wax generally lasts 7-10 days on the mountain so we recommend that you invest in some wax and an iron and learn how to wax your skis. Alternatively you can ask your local store to wax your skis.

Where does Alex Hall mount his skis?

Pocatello, Idaho
He’s sporting Panda Poles- custom ski poles made in Pocatello, Idaho of incredibly durable (and trendy) bamboo. When asked about the poles, Alex told us- “Panda poles are literally the most durable poles you will get.

Is Candide Thovex the best skier?

Yes, Candide Thovex is quite possibly the greatest skier of all time. He has earned the reputation of the quiet superstar through years of painstaking work, sacrifice, dedication and a mental fortitude that few could surpass.