Is Andersen AFB an APO?

Is Andersen AFB an APO?

INTRODUCTION TO THE MILITARY POSTAL SERVICE Andersen Military Post Office main mission is to process Official Mail correspondence. Our office also provides limited APO service to assigned personnel in Andersen living in dorms.

Is Andersen Air Force Base still open?

Established in 1944 after the Liberation of Guam as North Field, it is named for Brigadier General James Roy Andersen (1904–1945)….

Andersen Air Force Base
Site history
Built 1944 (as North Field)
In use 1944 – present

What is the zip code for Andersen AFB Guam?

Dorm residents and existing APO patrons will keep their existing PSC 251 BOX____, APO, AP 96542.

What APO is Guam?

ZIP Code Two-Letter State Abbreviation Territory, Possession or Freely Associated State
96932 GU Guam
96939 & 96940 PW Palau
96941 FM Federated States Of Micronesia
96942 FM Federated States Of Micronesia

How many people work on Andersen AFB?

The report showed 6,169 total personnel within Andersen AFB, including 2,443 appropriated fund military, meaning active duty Air Force, Navy, Reserve and National Guard, 550 rotational members deployed to Guam, 2,529 active duty dependents and 647 appropriated funds civilian personnel.

Where is APO 09017?

ZIP Code Details

Zip Code: 09017
City: APO
State: AE [Armed Forces Europe]
Multi County: No

Where is the biggest air force base in the United States?

Eglin Air Force Base is one of those place. Positioned on Northwest Florida’s pristine Emerald Coast between Pensacola and Panama City, Eglin AFB is the largest Air Force base in the world and lays claim to over 700 acres of diverse terrain including forests of pine trees, swamps, and white sand beaches.