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Is ajatshatru son of Bimbisara?

Is ajatshatru son of Bimbisara?

Ajatashatru, Ajatashattu or Ajatasatru (Sanskrit: Ajātaśatru, Pāli: Ajātasattu; 492 to 460 BCE or early 5th century BCE) was one of the most important kings of the Haryanka dynasty of Magadha in East India. He was the son of King Bimbisara and was a contemporary of both Mahavira and Gautama Buddha.

Who was the son of ajatshatru?

UdayinAjatashatru / SonUdayin also known as Udayabhadra was a king of Magadha in ancient India. According to the Buddhist and Jain accounts, he was the son and successor of the Haryanka king Ajatashatru. Udayin laid the foundation of the city of Pataliputra at the confluence of two rivers, the Son and the Ganges. Wikipedia

Who is the son of Bimbisara?


Who is father of Bimbisara?

BhatiBimbisara / Father

Who was the mother of ajatshatru?

Kosala DeviAjatashatru / Mother

Who called Gandhi ajatshatru?

Dr Rajendra Prasad
Here’s why Mahatma Gandhi referred to Dr Rajendra Prasad as “Ajatshatru – one who had no enemies.”

Who is Ajatha Satruvu?

Without any enemies) is a 1989 Indian Telugu-language action drama film directed by Vijaya Nirmala starring Krishna and Radha in the lead roles. Shankar–Ganesh duo composed the film’s soundtrack. The film was produced by P. Padmanabham for Makkal Thilagam Movies….

Ajatha Satruvu
Language Telugu

Why was Bimbisara killed by his son?

King Bimbisara was a follower of Buddhism whereas his son Ajatashatru became impressed by Devadatta’s powers and became his disciple. The main reason for Ajatashatru to kill Bimbisara was his hatred for Buddhism.

What was the other name of Bimbisara?

Notes: As per the Jain literature, Bimbisara (who was the real founder of Haryanka dynasty) was also known as Shrenika.

Who was the mother of Ajatshatru?

Who called Gandhi Ajatshatru?