Is a DD 214 public record?

Is a DD 214 public record?

Note: OFMPs, separation documents (DD214), replacement records, and medical records are not open to the public and must go through a verification process to obtain these items.

How long are military records kept?

In general, an individual’s military records are maintained by each branch of the military for around 5-10 years after the service member separates, after which records are sent to the National Archives where they are permanently maintained. You can request copies of records directly from the National Archives.

How do I prove I’m a veteran?

Here are a few common methods veterans can use to verify military service:

  1. Military ID Card (active duty, National Guard, Reserves, IRR, or retiree).
  2. VA Issued ID Card for Health Care.
  3. Veterans ID Card (starting Nov.
  4. Veterans Designation on Drivers License or State Veterans ID Card (almost all states now offer this)

How do you access military records?

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How do you obtain a copy of a military record?


  • DD215
  • Report of Separation
  • Other release papers
  • How do you find military service records?

    You can find older military service records (generally before World War I) from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Request Recent Military Records (World War I – Present) If You Are a Veteran or Next-of-Kin. To get a copy of the vet’s military records, you can: Start a request online (then print and mail)

    How to retrieve military service records?

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