How to login to Novell?

How to login to Novell?

Logging in and setting passwords for first-time users. After restarting the computer, you should get the Novell Client Login Window. Type in Password—password (all lowercase) This default password is used just this one time until the you set your individual Novell password as instructed below. Click OK.

What is a Novell account?

Overview. A Novell account is required for UBCO staff, faculty in order to access computers on campus, and provides access to printing services, shared instructional files, and secure personal storage.

What is OES network?

Open Enterprise Server (OES) is a server operating system designed for shared network resources and a virtualization computing environment.

How do you make a Novell account?

3.1. 1 Creating a User Object

  1. Right-click the container that you want to create the User object in > click New > click User.
  2. Fill in the New User dialog box. Click Help for details.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If the Set Password dialog box appears, set the user’s login password > click OK.

What is UBC Novell username?

To login to the IT Helpdesk system, use your UBC Okanagan Novell credentials (sometimes referred to as your “NDS” username and password). This is the username and password you use to login to any of the Windows computers on campus.

What happened to Novell?

The company was an independent corporate entity until it was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary by The Attachmate Group in 2011, which in turn was acquired in 2014 by Micro Focus International. Novell products and technologies are now integrated within various Micro Focus divisions.

What is OES Linux?

Open Enterprise Server (OES) is a server operating system published by Novell in March 2005 to succeed their NetWare product. Unlike NetWare, Novell OES is a Linux distribution—specifically, one based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

How do I log into my UBC computer?

UBC Library computers require users to log in using their Campus-Wide Login (CWL) or an OpenAthens account. Community members, alumni and public users can obtain a generic OpenAthens access account or apply for their own OpenAthens account from the circulation desk at the branch they are visiting.

How do I reset my Novell password?

Instructions: The first way to reset your password if you are using a Windows computer is to press CTRL – ALT – DEL. It will open a page that looks like the below screen shot. Click on change password and follow the prompts.