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How tall should a box newel post be?

How tall should a box newel post be?

Designs for newel posts are governed by the International Residential Code (IRC), which says handrail heights must be between 34 and 38 inches.

What is a box newel post?

Box newel posts are manufactured using 3/4″ thick solid hardwood for all four sides. These posts are constructed with lock miter joints at the corners. The flat panel and raised panel versions are made using true stile & rail construction, not just a routed out pocket. Our posts are a piece of furniture.

What is a boxed newel?

Box newels are usually constructed like a box, often having a hollow center, and are usually square rather than turned on a Lathe. Each of our box newels are individually hand-made by experienced craftsmen.

How often do you need a newel post?

Therefore, if you have a sixteen-foot balcony, you will need three newel posts, one at the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end. But if the balcony is eighteen feet, then it would require four newel posts as the distance between each post would be greater than eight feet if only three newel posts were used.

Can you cut a newel post?

Approximately 10mm above where the handrail enters the newel post, draw a line squarely around the newel post and using a handsaw start to cut the post at this line. 3. With the top of the newel post cut off, measure 10mm below where the handrail enters the newel post and squarely draw a line around this point.

Are box newel posts hollow?

Box newel posts are squared, hollow newel posts that are typically larger than the turned alternative. There is an infinite number of sizes and shapes based on this squared style, and they incorporate a huge variety of details to create unique designs.

Are newel posts solid wood?

This newel post is 3-1/2″ square x 58″ length. It is solid wood and not made like traditional box newels which are always hollow inside. Great for traditional stairways. Available in several different species of wood.

What is a half box newel?

What is a half newel post cap? A half newel post cap is exactly that—a newel cap that’s been cut in half so it can fit on top of a half newel post. As with regular newel caps, half-size newel caps come in a range of designs so you can match the newel caps on your full-size newel posts.

Do you need a half newel post?

You’ll need to use adhesives and screws to attach a half newel to the wall. This is because half perform the crucial job of securing the balustrade to the wall—they aren’t just for decorative purposes.