How sustainable is the Vancouver Convention Centre?

How sustainable is the Vancouver Convention Centre?

The West building’s six-acre living roof – the largest in Canada and the largest non-industrial living roof in North America – features more than 400,000 indigenous plant and grasses. Our unique roof is designed to act as an insulator, reducing heat gains in the summer and heat losses in the winter.

Why was the Vancouver Convention Centre built?

Situated on Vancouver’s waterfront with spectacular views of mountains, ocean, and parks, the Vancouver Convention Centre West is designed to bring together the natural ecology, vibrant local culture, and built environment, accentuating their interrelationships through the architecture.

Who designed Vancouver Convention west?

Seattle-based LMN, in collaboration with Vancouver-based Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership and DA Architects & Planners, designed the Vancouver Convention Centre West as a compelling vision of what a civic building can be—a celebration of people and place and a model of sustainability.

What is the Vancouver Convention Centre made of?

Project Overview. The innovative use of wood combined with forward-thinking design makes the Vancouver Convention Centre one of the most unique structures in North America. The expansion was developed as a compliment to the internationally recognized image of Canada Place with its sail-like fabric roofs.

Who owns Vancouver Convention Center?

BC Pavilion Corporation
The Vancouver Convention Centre is a part of BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo), a Provincial Crown Corporation of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture.

Who owns the Vancouver Convention Centre?

British Columbia Pavilion Corporation
With the opening of the new West Building in 2009, it now has 43,340 square metres (466,500 sq ft) of meeting space. It is owned by the British Columbia Pavilion Corporation, a Crown corporation owned by the government of British Columbia.

How long did it take to build the Vancouver Convention Center?

Design took place over a period of three years, involving several major urban design guideline presentations, presentations to the design review board, open house presentations to citizens, stakeholder presentations, and more than 45 major, multi-day workshop sessions with design consultants.

When did Vancouver Convention Centre open?

1987Vancouver Convention Centre / Opened

Who owns Dublin conference?

With an overall 40 month programme, The National Convention Centre opened in 2010. The National Convention Centre, Dublin is owned by the Office of Public Works. The striking landmark building was designed by world renowned Pritzker prize-winning Irish Architect, Kevin Roche.

When did the Vancouver Convention Centre open?