How old is JJ Deveraux?

How old is JJ Deveraux?

JJ Deveraux
Gender Male
Born September 12, 1995
Age 25
Occupation Emergency medical technician (2018–present) Detective (2017–18) Police cadet (2015–17)

Who are JJ’s parents on Days of Our Lives?

Jack Deveraux
Jennifer HortonJack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton
JJ Deveraux/Parents

Where did JJ from Days of Our Lives go?

JJ was born to Jennifer shortly after Jack’s death, and named Jack Jr. after his late father. Thankfully, Jennifer discovered that her husband had not been killed by the Salem Stalker, and the family was reunited. They chose to move to London where Jack and Jennifer got jobs as reporters.

Who is Eve’s sister on Days of Our Lives?

Eve Donovan is a character from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, portrayed by actress Charlotte Ross, until her exit in 1991….Days of our Lives.

Family Donovan family
Parents Shane Donovan Gabrielle Pascal Kimberly Brady (step)
Siblings Andrew Donovan IV Theresa Donovan

How old is Abe on Days of Our Lives?


Abe Carver
Gender Male
Born August 17, 1953
Age 74
Occupation Former Mayor Former Police commissioner Former Chief of police Former Police officer

What happened to Frankie on Days of Our Lives?

In 1990, Christopher Saavedra played the character in a flashback sequence. Frankie and his younger “brother” Max are adopted by the Brady clan in the mid-1980s. Frankie later becomes a lawyer, living in Washington D.C.

Who was Eve’s daughter on Days of Our Lives?

Paige Larson is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives….

Paige Larson
Portrayed by True O’Brien
Duration 2014–15 2017 2020
First appearance March 3, 2014
Last appearance August 25, 2020

How is Paige related to Shane Donovan on Days of Our Lives?

He is an agent of the ISA and husband to Kimberly Brady….Days of our Lives.

Romances Gabrielle Pascal Kayla Brady
Children Eve Donovan (via Gabrielle) Andrew Donovan IV (via Kimberly) Theresa Donovan (via Kimberly)
Grandchildren Paige Larson †(via Eve) Tate Black (via Theresa)
Other relatives Andrew Donovan