How much is an ash log worth?

How much is an ash log worth?

For veneer type ash we sold it for $1200 per thousand board feet over the last three years(heard it dropped to $1100). For average saw log ash we sold for $650 per thousand, for # 2 logs–lots of branches–$900 per ton.

How much does ash sell for?

Ash Lumber

Ash Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of Mar 19, 2022
Description 100-249 B.F. 1000+ B.F.
4/4 Ash 7.25 3.75
Color is unselected
5/4 Ash 7.50 4.00

How much does a board foot of ash cost?

Shipping Additional

< 10 10 – 99
4/4 White Ash (Sel & Btr, S2S to 15/16) $4.00 $3.60
8/4 White Ash (Sel & Btr, Rough) $6.65 $6.00
12/4 White Ash (Sel & Btr, Rough) $7.25 $6.50

How much is a rick of ash wood?

While a cord of wood costs anywhere from $120 and $660, the two biggest price factors are where you’re buying firewood and the type of tree it comes from….Firewood Pricing by Type.

Firewood Type Average Price Range Per Cord
Mesquite $300 – $660
Ash $360 – $420
Hardwood $300 – $500

How much is a full grown ash tree worth?

Table of cost of mature trees

Tree type Basic value
Teak 8.88
Cedar 3.15
White Ash 2.58
White Oak 3.53

Is Ash tree good for lumber?

Ash is a great species of lumber to work with. Ash is known for its staining potential and ability to mimic oak. It has great shock resistance, and solid workability. To this point, it has been an economical wood that was always readily available.

Are dead ash trees worth money?

If left standing, these trees can provide valuable habitat for wildlife. Standing dead trees are an integral component of a healthy ecosystem, creat- ing nesting sites for birds, sheltered cavities for mammals and structure for a var iety of other organisms.

Is ash wood more expensive than oak?

The cost of Oak vs. Ash floors is roughly similar, though in many areas Red Oak may be more affordable because of its greater availability. It may be harder to find old-growth Ash trees as the species is being decimated by an invasive beetle in certain areas of the country making this a species that is a rare treasure.

How much is a rick of wood in Tennessee?

Firewood any way you want it… prices start at $125 a rick.

How many pieces of wood are in a Rick?

So, if there are 550 to 650 different pieces of split seasoned wood in an actual full cord of wood, you can expect around 250 to 350 different pieces of wood in a rick of wood. This will vary from vendor to vendor, but on average, you get around 250 to 350 different pieces in a rick of wood.

Can you sell ash wood?

Sell your ash wood to a reputable industry. If you (and your neighbors) have a significant number of trees, you may be able to sell the logs to a sawmill or other indus- try. Be sure to get a signed statement from the buyer that all wood will be handled in a way consistent with the MDA quarantine regulations.