How much is a Husky bush plane?

How much is a Husky bush plane?

Vref, which offers aircraft value estimates for AOPA members, suggests a retail price for the Aviat Husky of $55,000 for the 1987 model to $264,485 for a 180-horsepower 2016 model. Listed in Trade-A-Plane at the time this was written were 33 Aviat Huskys priced at $64,900 to $395,000.

What are bush planes good for?

A bush airplane is a general aviation aircraft used to provide both scheduled and unscheduled passenger and flight services to remote, undeveloped areas, such as the Canadian north or bush, Alaskan tundra, the African bush, or savanna, Amazon rainforest or the Australian Outback.

What is the most famous bush plane?

The most famous, or “classic,” Canadian bush plane is the de Havilland Beaver, DHC-2, which first flew on August 16, 1947 (by 1965, around 1,600 were flying in 63 countries).

How fast is an Aviat Husky?

145 mphAviat Husky / Top speed

What kind of fuel do bush planes use?

Jet fuel is a clear to straw-colored fuel, based on either an unleaded kerosene (Jet A-1), or a naphtha-kerosene blend (Jet B). Similar to diesel fuel, it can be used in either compression ignition engines or turbine engines.

How fast do bush planes fly?

It is a single-engined, high-wing, propeller-driven, STOL aircraft developed by De Havilland Canada. It is capable of traveling at 105 MPH while burning 25 gallons of AV gas per hour. It is primarily known as a bush plane and is used for cargo and passenger hauling, as well as aerial applications such as crop dusting.

How fast is a 200 horsepower plane?


Top Speed 149 mph
Landing Speed 58 mph
Flaps Extend Speed 80 mph
Takeoff Distance (Floats) approx. 6 seconds
Rate of Climb 1,500 feet / minute

How did the Husky bush plane get its name?

To augment their business, they tried to buy the rights to Champion or the Super Cub, to no avail (Piper wanted $1 million). So in 1985 they designed their own bush plane from scratch and named it the Husky; it was certificated by 1987.

Who is the Aviat Husky for?

The Aviat Husky is a traveler, a trainer, or an adventurer and ready at a moment’s notice. Are you? Most pilots know the Aviat Husky is a modern, tandem-seat bush plane capable of operating in and out of short and/or rough fields.

Is the Aviat Husky A1c the ultimate 2-seat bushplane?

Profiles of best-of-breed backcountry aircraft Featured Bush Planes ByMark Twombly/August 23, 2021 Water Dog – The Amphibious Aviat Husky A-1C An opportunity seized to try what many would call the ultimate 2-seat bushplane: the Aviat Husky A-1C on amphibs.

Is there such a thing as a husky plane?

Fortunately, there is still a descendant of that old-fashioned taildragger bush plane that can appeal to the rugged adventurer in all of us and put the world at our fingertips – Aviat’s Husky. Having Fun. That’s what it’s all about.