How much is a Flemish Giant Rabbit cost?

How much is a Flemish Giant Rabbit cost?

A Flemish Giant used as a pet without pedigree will cost about $20 to $50. The breeding-quality Flemish Giant can cost up to $50 to $100.

How much do Flemish Giant rabbits cost UK?

Flemish Giants, as their name suggests, are typically very large rabbits which can reach an average weight of 6-7kg at adulthood….Rehoming from a reputable source:

Average lifespan 5-8 years
Possible health problems Dental disease.
Average price £30
Estimated cost over lifetime £5,800-£9,000
Average weight 6-7kg

Do Flemish Giants get along with dogs?

As far as a bunny, outdoor rabbit breeds, like the Flemish Giant Rabbit, are less skittish, and more likely to accept a dog and cat friendship.

Do Flemish Giants like to be held?

Giant rabbits do not like being handled and will often thrash their feet or bite if they are handled inappropriately. Flemish Giants may also bite if they are stroked for too long, or if they feel unable to escape from a situation. They can also become very vocal if they feel unhappy or stressed.

How high can a Flemish Giant jump?

three feet high
How high can the Flemish Giant rabbit jump? The Flemish Giant can jump up to three feet high — and sometimes even higher! This is particularly useful to know if you are building an outside pen for them to roam around in.

Where do you get giant rabbits?

7 Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders in California

  • Happy Tails Rabbitry. Check
  • The Bunny Smith Rabbitry. Check The Bunny Smith Rabbitry.
  • Kleinhoff Rabbitry. Check
  • Carrot Patch Rabbitry. Check
  • Bay Area Velveteen Lops.
  • Shinobi Rabbitry.
  • West Central Rabbitry.

Do Flemish Giants like to snuggle?

Not to make anyone here feel inferior, but modern animals are pretty small compared to the goliaths that once walked our planet.