How much is a 1996 silver eagle coin worth?

How much is a 1996 silver eagle coin worth?

The 1996 silver eagle with no mint mark is worth around $85 in uncirculated condition. The 1996 P proof silver eagle is worth around $50 in proof condition.

Is a 1996 silver eagle Rare?

Only 0.7% of all the American Silver Eagles ever minted were struck in 1996, making this a truly rare find. Offered in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, your coin contains one full Troy oz. of 99.9% silver. The obverse side of this silver coin features renowned sculptor Adolph A.

Why is 1996 silver eagle a key date?

1996 Silver Eagle Like the 1994 edition, this year saw major production problems. Milk spots emerged on many pieces, and NGC graded more than 600 MS69s for every MS70. This year also had the lowest mintage in the entire series at just over 3.6 million pieces.

What year is the lowest mintage silver eagle?

The lowest mintage for a bullion coin is the 1996 Silver Eagle, at 3,603,386. The highest mintage bullion year is 2015, with sales reaching an astounding 47,000,000 coins and achieving the sixth annual sales record in seven years. * Mintage Notes: 1993: Proof mintage includes 12,689 coins sold in the Philadelphia Set.

What is the lowest mintage burnished silver eagle?

2019-W Burnished Silver Eagle in Original Packaging – The Lowest Mintage

  • $70.00.
  • $59.95.
  • (You save $10.05 )

Are burnished silver eagles worth more?

The 1995-W and the 2006-P and 2011-P reverse proof silver eagles contain the highest premiums. Burnished silver eagles are bought and sold for less than proof silver eagles, but more than bullion silver eagles. Out of the three years minted, the 2006-W burnished silver eagle is the most valuable.

How much is a dollar coin from 1996 worth?

The standard 1996 clad half dollars in circulated condition are only worth their face value of $0.50. These coins only sell for a premium in uncirculated condition. Both the 1996 P half dollar and 1996 D half dollar are each worth around $3 in uncirculated condition with an MS 63 grade.

How much is a 1996 silver dollar?

All 1996 American Silver Eagle coins are made up of one ounce of pure silver. Because of that silver content, each regular issue 1996 $1 silver coin usually trades for around $2 above or below the current price of an ounce of silver depending on if you are buying or selling.

How much is a 1995 Silver Eagle coin worth?

Silver Eagle Coin Values

Date/Issue Price
1995 $35
1995-P (proof) $80
1995-W (proof) $4,000
1996 $60