How much does a St. Louis alderman make?

How much does a St. Louis alderman make?

Aldermen receive an annual salary of approximately $37,000. All receive the same pay regardless of seniority or duty. Increases in compensation is based on a percentage equal to the average increases recommended by the Civil Service Commission. The President’s salary is approximately $80,000.

Where is the 20th Ward in St. Louis?

Louis City. The current alderwoman for Ward 20 is Cara Spencer. Ward 20 contains parts of many neighborhoods, including Dutchtown, Marine Villa, Gravois Park, and Benton Park West.

What Ward is Cara Spencer in?

20th ward
Spencer was elected to the Board of Aldermen in 2015 and takes great pride in representing the 20th ward, one of the most diverse and vibrant parts of St. Louis City.

How many wards are in St Louis MO?

28 wards
The Board is made up of 28 aldermen representing the city’s 28 wards. The Board meets in the north wing of City Hall in the Aldermanic Chambers.

How many wards are in St Louis?

St. Louis City includes 28 wards, each one ideally represented by one committeeman and one committeewoman, for a total of 56 Republican committee members.

Who is Maurice Drummond?

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What is the 20th Ward?

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What is the meaning of Ward s?

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Is a ward a neighborhood?

In the United States, a ward is an optional division of a city or town for administrative and representative purposes, especially for purposes of an election.