How much does a Secret Service vehicle cost?

How much does a Secret Service vehicle cost?

Specs wise, The Beast, which costs $1.5 million, is built like a rolling bunker. With eight-inch thick plating made of aluminum, ceramic, and steel and five-inch thick bulletproof windows, its doors alone weigh as much as those on a Boeing 757 aircraft.

What engine is in The Beast?

What Kind Of Engine Is In The Presidential Limo? features The Beast is a presidential limousine with General Motors heavy duty transmission and a 214 horsepower Duramax diesel engine. Both of those are from a GM heavy-duty vehicle platform.

Why is it called a motorcade?

The term motorcade was coined by Lyle Abbot (in 1912 or 1913 when he was automobile editor of the Arizona Republican), and is formed after cavalcade, playing off of the last syllable in that word. The original suffix in cavalcade is actually “-ade”, and there is no “-cade” in either French or Latin.

What kind of car did the Secret Service use?

1956 Cadillac This car was used by the Presidential Protection Division. It was the car the was directly behind President Kennedy’s limo at the assassination in Dallas on November 22,1963. The car had been specially built for the Secret Service. The car was equipped with siren, red light, built in gun rack, running boards, and other features.

How much does the Secret Service car weigh?

The finished product weighed about one ton more than the original weight of 7,800 pounds. In the 1960s, air travel began to provide the Secret Service a much more convenient and effective means of transportation. Official vehicles were able to be loaded aboard aircraft to destinations in advance of protective visits.

Where does the Secret Service keep its vehicles?

The Secret Service keeps vehicles stationed at many different locations across the United States, while the vehicles used for protecting the President are often flown aboard military cargo planes to worldwide locations for presidential trips.

What does the Secret Service use for transportation?

The Secret Service initially used horses and carriages, but these were gradually phased out with when the automobile became the preferred mode of transportation in the early 20th century. Secret Service operatives escort President Theodore Roosevelt. (Library of Congress)