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How much does a factory Tikka stock weight?

How much does a factory Tikka stock weight?

Standard stock w/limbsaver 29.6 oz. Standard stock w/standard pad and spray-foam in the butt to deaden the hollow sound 31.4 oz. Bell & Carlson Medalist 34.8 oz.

How much does the Tikka T3X stock weight?

Tikka’s newer T3X improves upon the original T3’s stock, which commonly received some justifiable complaints. Weighing around 6.5lbs, the T3X Lite is a great foundation for the goal weight I had for this build.

How much does a Tikka weigh?

I just bought a used one off here that weighs 5lb 14.5oz, and the Tikka factory stock weighs 28.4oz. So with a new stock (wildcat composites most likely), this gun should be down in the 5lb 8oz range and possibly a little less.

How much does a Tikka T3 action weight?

I can’t help you with the Tikka action weight, but for what it’s worth at Tikka bolt weighs 10.3 oz. That’s actually lighter than a stock Remington short action bolt @ 12.1 oz and significantly lighter than a long action bolt.

How much does a tikka T3x Lite weigh?


Technical data
Barrel length 570mm 620mm
Weight 2.8kg 2.9kg
Open sights Optional Optional
Without sights Standard Standard

How heavy is the tikka T3x Lite?

6.5 lbs.
Product Description

Caliber Capacity Appx. Weight
30-06 Spfld 3 + 1 6.4 lbs.
270 WIN 3 + 1 6.5 lbs.
243 WIN 3 + 1 6.5 lbs.
25-06 REM 3 + 1 6.5 lbs.

What is the weight of a Tikka T3 Lite?

The Tikka T3 Lite is a svelte, accurate rifle perfect for those who cover a lot of ground when they hunt. One of the most appealing new Tikkas, a T3 Lite, weights in at just 6 ¼ pounds — as lightweight as seems useful to me.

Are all Tikka T3x actions the same?

T3x stocks are generally all interchangeable, but some models have different barrel contours (e.g., Roughtech, Veil, CTR, etc.) so stocks from those models will have bigger barrel channels. Tikka actions are all the same (i.e., there is no “long action” or “short action”).

How much does a tikka Superlite weigh?

Tikka T3x Superlite Rifle -This Superlite model is made exclusively for Sportsman’s Warehouse, and ranges in weight from an incredible 5.9 lbs – 6 lbs. The Superlite model has an appealing fluted barrel….Specifications.

Capacity 4+1
Stock Modular
Sights Drilled & Tapped For Scope Base
Weight 6.2lbs
Action Bolt Action

What is the barrel twist on a Tikka T3x?

However, doing some research the T3x comes with a barrel that is a little more than 24” long with a 1:11 twist.