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How much does a Dexis sensor cost?

How much does a Dexis sensor cost?

The Apex Dental Sensors also come with a 2 year warranty with an optional SensorCare Lifetime Protection Plan to cover your sensors for life against physical damage….The Apex Dental Sensor Compared to the Dexis Dental Sensor.

Apex Dental Sensor Dexis Dental Sensor
Price for #2 Sensor $5,495 $7,500

What size is Dexis platinum sensor?

size 2
Kodak, Schick, and Planmeca provide sensors in size 0 as well. Dexis is the only company that offers only a single size sensor. For the purpose of this study, the authors considered the Platinum sensor to be in the size 2 category, since the sensor is used for taking radiographs for posterior teeth and for bitewing.

What is a Dexis sensor?

The DEXIS™ Platinum Sensor is a breakthrough direct-USB digital x-ray solution. This single-sensor concept is portable, comfortable, and with PureImage™ Technology, the image quality is even more remarkable. • PerfectSize™ Sensor—One Size Fits All. • TrueComfort™ Design. • WiseAngle™ Cable Exit.

Who makes Dexis sensors?

Team DEXIS is confident in the excellence of the DEXIS Titanium™ intraoral sensor by KaVo. We can’t wait to tell dentists about all its SMART technologies (like gesture recognition), and tout its image quality. The bottom line is we believe this is the best SMART digital X-ray sensor that every practice should have.

Where is the serial number on Dexis sensor?

The number before the the underscore needs to match the serial number on your dexis platinum. The serial number can be found in three ways. You can look on the usb end of the sensor, if you bought it from our website you can find the serial number listed there or you can call the sales person you bought it from.

What is RVG sensor?

RVG stands for RadioVisioGraphy. This technology is used as an alternative to X-ray radiography in dentistry. RVG Sensors are developed keeping their durability and image quality in mind. The hermetically sealed sensor housing makes this sensor waterproof allowing for versatile applications.

What is platinum sensor?

Platinum (Pt) sensors are routinely used for oxygen sensing in the form of foils, discs, and wires. The amount of oxygen dissolved in industrially important solutions, blood, and biological effluent systems is accurately controlled and measured using Pt sensors (28,29).

How do I add Dexis to dentrix?

Dexis Integrator Install

  1. The Dexis Integrator for Dentrix is located in the Dexis DATA folder. (
  2. For version 9 and older, look for folder titled “Download”
  3. For 10 and newer, look for “Installs”
  4. Run the DEXMENU.exe.

When did kavo buy DEXIS?

DEXIS is proud to announce it has been acquired by Danaher Corporation on Feb. 28, 2005.

Where is DEXIS located?

Press the “Start” button or Windows logo button in the bottom left hand corner of the Windows toolbar. Click on “My Computer” (or “Computer” if running Windows 7 and above) Double click on your disc drive to view the Dexis Classic calibration files.

How do you calibrate a Dexis sensor?

Verify the serial number in the calibration files matches the Dexis Platinum sensor you have in for repair. With your mouse: click, drag, and highlight all three of the Dexis Platinum calibration files. Open a new email in your email program. Click and drag the Dexis Platinum calibration files over to your new email.