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How much do chickens cost in Uganda?

How much do chickens cost in Uganda?

Currently, a one-day-old chick is goes for between Shs1,500 and Shs1,700 compared to Shs1,200 and Shs1,300 for broilers. Layers [chicks] are selling at between Shs2,500 and 2,700 up from Shs2,200 and Shs2,300.

How much does a Kuroiler Chick cost?

A day old Kuroiler chick costs 6500 shillings up from 3000 shillings a year ago. Dr. Stephen Kiwemba, the Jinja District Production Officer attributes the hike in the price of Kuroiler chicks to the scarcity of Kuroiler eggs at the National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Center – NAGRIC in Entebbe.

How much is a Kuroiler chicken in Uganda?

Costs could be as high as UGX3000-UGX6000 per bird. But price fluctuates, so you need to ask the ruling price before you buy. I need to start the kuroiler business with 500 chicks.

How long does it take for Kuroiler to mature?

Advantages of Kuroiler Early Maturity – Kuroiler chickens start laying eggs at five months. At four months, they are ready to be sold as broilers.

How profitable is poultry in Uganda?

Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in Uganda and the world at large. The increasing demand for chicken (call it chicken meat) and eggs resulting from the growing population and townships across the country provides an opportunity for new and existing farmers to cash in on this enterprise.

How do you feed the Kuroilers?

More Kuroiler Feeding Tips & Techniques In addition to the usual feeds , you add the greens. If you supplement with grass, and Kichen waste, your Kuroiler chicken will eat less food. For example with no green grass at 16 weeks 0ne chick can eat 120gms but with grass it would eat 100gms.

What is the difference between Sasso and Kuroiler?

Compared to Kuroilers, Sasso are 364 per cent superior in body weight at 18 weeks. Kuroiler itself is 345 per cent compared to the indigenous varieties. Sasso’s egg production ranges from 170-171 eggs compared to 156-168 for Kuroiler.

How much do Kuroilers eat?

One Kuroiler hen bird will eat approx. 5- 8Kg before laying eggs. From One (1) Day old- to 4 weeks, give Chick Mash (Starter) while from 4-8weeks, give your Kuroiler chicken Growers Mash.

How much does a house in Uganda cost?

Local house price variations Kampala, the capital and the largest city in Uganda, has the country´s most expensive housing. The average price of two- and three-bedroom apartments in prime residential areas of Kampala stood at US$280,000 and US$325,000, respectively, in the first half of 2019, according to Knight Frank.

How much money do I need to start a poultry farm in Uganda?

This working capital includes the key cost of chicken feed. From my estimates (I will come to that later on) you need about Shs 26m as start up capital for a 1000 chicken farm(shaver brown variety).