How much did a Mustang cost in 1978?

How much did a Mustang cost in 1978?

Mustang Prices Through The Years

Year / Model / Trim Base MSRP Adj. for Inflation
1978 Mustang II 2-Door Hardtop Coupe $4,061 $15,698
1978 Mustang II 2+2 3-Door Hardtop $4,305 $16,641
1978 Mustang II Ghia 2-Door Hardtop $4,479 $17,314
1978 Mustang II Mach 1 3- Door Fastback $4,523 $17,484

What year is the rarest Mustang?

Rarity & Significance as a Shelby American G.T. #0139 isn’t just the rarest Ford Mustang or Shelby G.T. This convertible is undeniably the world’s rarest production automobile. The only 1967 Shelby G.T. convertible ordered, serialized and built.

How many Mustangs were made 1978?

In its final year of production, 192,410 Mustang II’s were built….1978 Ford Mustang Overview.

Model: 1978 Ford Mustang
Original Price: $3,824 (Basic Coupe), $4,088 (Fastback)
Units Produced: 192,410

What year is Tommy’s Mustang on power?

“New York is over… this my chance,” Tommy says in the teaser which also shows him driving his signature 1969 Ford Mustang.

How many Mustang horses are left?

Today, 86,000 free-roaming horses live on nearly 28 million acres of public lands across 10 western U.S. states, and 55,000 taken off the land now live in government-run quarters. With no natural predators, their numbers are growing by 15 to 20 percent each year, according to the bureau.

What color is Tommy Egan’s Mustang?

One of Tommy’s signatures in the Power Universe is his love for vintage Mustangs. When the show begins, he drives a black 1960s Mustang. Later when he starts getting on the radar with the Feds, he switches out his black ride for a cobalt blue car of a similar make and model.

What color is Tommy’s Mustang?

Tommy’s black (and later blue) 1960s Mustang is easily the most iconic vehicle on the show. With roughly 350-400 horses going to the rear wheels, this car dutifully represents the pinnacle of American muscle: raw, unadulterated power, in a fun but hard-to-contain body.