How many villages are there in Naogaon district?

How many villages are there in Naogaon district?

2854 villages
The zila consists of 11 upazilas, 99 unions, 2565 mauzas, 2854 villages, 3 municipalities, 27 wards and 76 mahallas.

How many thana are there in Naogaon?

11 upazilas
The district is divided into 11 upazilas: Atrai Upazila. Badalgachhi Upazila.

Why is Naogaon famous?

Naogaon is an important farming region, with extremely fertile soil and one of the highest cultivation rates of rice than any other district. 90% of the population is Muslim and majority live a simple, farming lifestyle. As historical data and establishment in the town, the district was most famous for marijuana.

Who are some famous people from Naogaon?


  • Abdul Hai (politician)
  • AKM Fazlul Haque (Bangladeshi politician)
  • Enamul Haque (footballer)
  • Mohammad Nazmul Haque.
  • Anwar Hossain Helal.
  • Monzur Hossain.
  • Tozammel Tony Huq.

Where is the Kusumba mosque situated?

Naogaon District
Kusumba Mosque (Bengali: কুসুম্বা শাহী মসজিদ) is a mosque in Manda Upazila of Naogaon District of Bangladesh. This mosque can be found in the village of Kusumba, which is its namesake. It was built in 1558–59 and is one of Bangladesh’s national heritages sites.

How many villages are in the Natore district?

1366 Villages
It consists of 6 Upazilas, 8 Pourashavas, 52 Unions & 1366 Villages. Over 16 Lakh People live in this district. Natore district has a strong history and diversified cultural heritage….About NATORE.

Area: 1896km2
Upazila Road: 517.53 km
Union Road: 708.76Km
Village Road: 1629.12Km VA 2076.07Km VB
Population: 1734111

What is the meaning of Natore?

Natore is a district of Rajshahi Division located in northern Bangladesh. It borders the metropolitan city of Rajshahi, and used to be part of Rajshahi district.

Who built Kusumba mosque?

Giasuddin Bahadur Shah
The mosque was built in 1558 -1559 by one one of the last Afgan ruler of Bengal name Giasuddin Bahadur Shah.. The name of the mosque derived from the name of the village Kusumba. The mosque has six domes . The walls are made of bricks and stones.

How many upazilas are there in Naogaon District?

Naogaon district consists of 11 Upazilas (Naogaon Sadar Upazila, Atrai Upazila, Dhamoirhat Upazila, Badalgachhi Upazila, Raninagar Upazila, Manda Upazila, Mohadevpur Upazila, Patnitala Upazila, Porsha Upazila, Sapahar Upazila, Niamatpur Upazila), 3 Municipalities (Pourashava), 99 Union Parishad and 2854 Village.

Why is it called Naogaon District?

It is named after its headquarters, the city of Naogaon in Naogaon Sadar Upazila . According to 2011 Bangladesh census, Naogaon District had a population of 2,600,157.

Which district is known as the bread basket of Bangladesh?

Today Naogaon District is considered the bread basket of Bangladesh. It is in the central part of the Varendra Region, with an area of about 3,435.67 square kilometres (1,326.52 sq mi), about 80% of which is under cultivation. The soil of the area is a fertile inorganic clay called loam.

Where is Dibar Dighi in Naogaon?

One of the ancient and historic places of Naogaon District is Dibar Dighi. It is situated on the side of village Dibar, in Dibar Union of Patnitala Upazila.