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How many times can you repeat a private prescription?

How many times can you repeat a private prescription?

Repeat prescriptions allow the same prescription to be dispensed more than once. A repeat prescription must be dispensed for the first time within 6 months of the date on the prescription. After this, the repeat prescription can continue to be valid beyond 6 months, according to the directions on the prescription.

What needs to be on a repeat prescription request?

You should include your name, date of birth and the item(s) you require. We also ask that you indicate where you would like to collect your prescription from. Please ensure that your request is clearly legible: If we cannot read your request, we cannot process it.

Do repeat prescriptions go straight to the chemist?

Your doctor will normally send your repeat prescription information to the pharmacy you’ve chosen and your simply go to your nominated pharmacy two days later and it should be ready for you.

What is a managed repeat prescription?

A pharmacy managed repeat service involves pharmacy staff in ordering the prescription on behalf of the patient. It enables the pharmacy workload to be managed, with medicines ordered in advance of the patient arriving to collect, and it is convenient for patients and carers.

How long are private prescriptions valid for?

6 months
How long is a private prescription valid for? A private prescription is valid for 6 months from the date that it was prescribed. Any repeats on your prescription are valid indefinitely, provided that the first repeat is dispensed within 6 months from the date on the prescription.

Can I get the same prescription from two different doctors?

Yes, if it is a controlled substance, causing you to have possession of a larger amount than one doctor would prescribe to you, out of concern it is dangerous to you. Generally, the patient will be deceptive such that the two doctors are not aware of the multiple sources. Usually also use 2 pharmacies.

Can I put a repeat prescription to any pharmacy?

Can I get a repeat prescription from any / a different pharmacy? You are able to change your nominated pharmacy at any time. But in some cases, you GP may send your prescriptions to a specific pharmacy / dispensary.

How often are repeat prescriptions reviewed?

Repeat prescriptions will be authorised for a period not exceeding three months. This will mean four repeats annually. Patients with chronic conditions will normally be reviewed every six months.