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How many songs has Cher sung?

How many songs has Cher sung?

American entertainer Cher has released eighty three official singles, twenty promotional singles and appeared in twenty six other songs. On the Billboard Hot 100, she has achieved: 4 number 1 singles, 12 Top 10 singles, 22 Top 40 singles and a total of 33 charted singles as a solo artist.

What was Cher’s last number one hit?

Haven’t Seen the Last of Me
At 64 years old, Cher is still riding high on the Billboard charts, including her latest No. 1, “Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” from ‘Burlesque.

Did Cher write any songs?

Luckily, Cher was not put-off songwriting, although she waited all the way until 1994 for a major return to laying lyrics to paper. She wrote the lyrics to a number of songs at a writers’ retreat in France that would ultimately end up on the internet-only acoustic-rock studio album mercial, released in 2000.

What is Cher’s favorite song?

I have some things that I’m proud of.” She listed the songs “Song for the Lonely” and “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” as two of her favorites from her own catalogue. “I’m pretty proud of the Mamma Mia [cover] album, even though people kind of scoffed,” she added.

What was Cher’s first song?

“All I Really Want to Do” was the first single to be released by Cher under that name and was also her first solo hit. The album also contained the Bono-penned song, “Dream Baby”, which had been released as a single in 1964 by Cher, under the pseudonym of Cherylin.

Who wrote songs for Sonny and Cher?

Sonny Bono
The duo began their careers behind the scenes in the music industry in the early 1960s. Sonny Bono co-wrote songs with composer Jack Nietzsche for music producer Phil Specter, and Cher was a backup singer, working with The Crystals and The Ronettes.

Who wrote song I Got You Babe?

Sonny BonoI Got You Babe / Composer

What is Cher’s full name?

Cherilyn SarkisianCher / Full name
Cher, byname of Cherilyn Sarkisian, (born May 20, 1946, El Centro, California, U.S.), American entertainer who parlayed her status as a teenage pop singer into a recording, concert, and acting career.