How many Ford Sierra XR4I cars are left?

How many Ford Sierra XR4I cars are left?

2021 2018

What is a Sierra Sapphire?

They were very successful in motorsport and are highly tunable road cars with a very large following. In 1987, Ford introduced a four-door saloon (marketed in the UK as the Sierra Sapphire), which was sold alongside the hatchback and estate until the Sierra was replaced by the Mondeo in early 1993.

What BHP is a Sierra XR4I?

148 bhp
The Ford Sierra XR4i has 150 PS / 148 bhp / 110 kW.

Who makes the Cosworth engine?


Type Private company
Services High performance engineering, precision manufacturing
Owners CGH (Isle of Man) Holdings Ltd & Indeck-Cosworth LLC
Parent Ford (1967–1980) United Engineering Industries (1980–1990) Vickers plc (1990–1998) Volkswagen/Audi (1998–2004) Ford (2004–2005) Mahle GmbH (2005–)
Website Cosworth.com

What engine was in the Sierra Cosworth?

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
Engine Cosworth YBD, 204 hp (1986) Cosworth YBD, 224 hp (1987) Cosworth YBD, 204 hp (1988-1989) Cosworth YBG/YBJ, 220 hp (1990-1992)
Transmission 5-speed Borg Warner T5 (1986-1989) Ferguson 4×4 MT75 (1990-1992)

How much was a Sierra Cosworth new?

The cars were exclusively available through 90 nominated RS specialist dealers and went on sale in Britain on August 1st, 1987 at a price of £19,950.

What engine is in a Sierra Sapphire?

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth: power, 0-60mph, top speed and technical specs

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
Engine: In-line four-cylinder, turbocharged, 1993cc
Max power: 204bhp @ 6000rpm
Max torque: 205lb ft @ 4000rpm
Transmission: Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, limited slip differential

What engine is in the Sierra XR4i?

The Ford Sierra Mk I 3-door 2.8 XR4i has a V 6, Petrol engine with 2792 cm3 / 170.4 cu-in capacity.

What kind of engine does a Ford XR4i have?

In 1983, the high-performance XR4i version was introduced. It utilised the same 2.8 L Cologne engine as used in the Ford Capri 2.8 Injection of that era and sported a restyled version of the 3-door Sierra bodyshell.

How many XR8 Sierras were made?

A limited number of 250 Sierras were made for the purposes of homologation, as this model was the premier Ford used in Group A racing. The XR8 was fitted with the 302 ci engine from the US Ford Mustang, and the Borg Warner T5 heavy duty transmission.

What’s new on the Sierra XR4x4?

Also new to the range was a new 1.8 litre “lean burn” petrol engine, which proved to be one of the most popular choices in the Sierra range. The XR4x4 was now based on the five-door hatchback bodystyle and featured different front and rear body-coloured bumper styling, along with wider side rubbing strips.

Does the Ford Escort XR3i have a footrest?

The Escort XR3i is even more in need of a footrest, but its absence is noticed on the Sierra too. The clutch has a long travel which has to be judged carefully to get a smooth take-off every time, but on the move the Sierra has a very satisfying rush of power which will hurry it along to 60 mph. in 7.8 sec.

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When did Sierra Sapphire come out?

Ford Sierra
Manufacturer Ford Europe
Also called Merkur XR4Ti (North America, 1985–1989) Ford Sapphire (South Africa, 1990–1993)
Production 1982–1993

When did Ford stop making the Sierra?

The last Sierra rolled off the production line in December 1992. The Sierra Cosworth switched to a saloon bodystyle in January 1988, again with rear-wheel drive, before the four-wheel drive version replaced it two years later.

What year was the Ford Sierra?

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
Manufacturer Ford Europe
Production 1986–1992
Body and chassis
Body style 3-door hatchback (1986-1987) 4-door saloon (1988-1992)

What engine was in a Ford Sierra XR4i?

What kind of car is a Sierra?

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a full-size pickup truck and one of the most popular vehicles in America. Like all modern trucks, the Sierra 1500 is just as good at hauling a family as it is a bed full of gravel.

What happened to the Ford Capri?

When the last Capri was made on 19 December 1986 at the Ford factory in Cologne, 1,886,647 Capris had rolled off the production lines. The last Capri made (registered as D194 UVW) still exists today, and is owned by Ford’s heritage workshop.

What BHP is an XR4i?

The Ford Sierra XR4i has 150 PS / 148 bhp / 110 kW.

What is the Ford XR4i?

The XR4i was a logical extension of the range of hot Ford models, consisting of the Fiesta XR2 and the Escort XR3. The XR4i was only offered with three doors, but it was different from the standard three-door versions, since the XR4i body had an additional window pillar.

Will the XR4i enhance the image of the Sierra?

The XR4i which is now available will certainly enhance the image of the Sierra range, offering a 130 m.p.h. package with a very high level of equipment for well under £10,000.

How does the XR4i handle in the corner?

The XR4i settles into a nice cornering attitude, tail down under power with a hint of oversteer and is far less unsettled by bumps than the Capri would be.

How fast is a GMC Sierra XR4i?

That was nothing crazy, but let’s not forget that those were different times, and the Sierra weighed about the same as a new Fiesta does today (≈1,200 kg), so those 150 horsepower allowed it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 8 seconds and hit a top speed of over 200 km/h. The XR4i was only produced for a few years – until 1985.