How many episodes of Callan were there?

How many episodes of Callan were there?

44Callan / Number of episodes
The following is a complete episode list for Callan, given in broadcast order, with Edward Woodward in the title role. There was a total of 44 episodes produced and broadcast between 1967 and 1972.

Where can I watch Callan TV series?

Watch Callan Season 1 | Prime Video.

Was Callan The Equalizer?

Callan, a TV spy series in which Woodward played a character similar to that of The Equalizer’s Robert McCall.

Who was callans sidekick?

Callan’s underworld contact, Lonely (Russell Hunter), developed into an unofficial sidekick, whose shadowing qualities outshone his sense of personal hygiene, something Meres in particular took joy in pointing out. Lonely remained ignorant of Callan’s real work and believed him to be something of a gangland villain.

When was Callan made?

July 8, 1967Callan / First episode date

Who played smelly in Callum?

Russell Hunter

Russell Hunter
Born Russell Ellis18 February 1925 Glasgow, Scotland
Died 26 February 2004 (aged 79) Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Marjorie Thomson (m. 1949–19??) Caroline Blakiston (m. 1970; div. 19??) Una McLean ​ ​ ( m. 1991)​

Who played lonely in Callen?

Russell HunterLonely / Played by

Who wrote Callan?

James MitchellCallan / Writers

Was Patrick Mower in The Avengers?

“The Avengers” A Sense of History (TV Episode 1966) – Patrick Mower as Duboys – IMDb.

Does Netflix have Callan?

Callan is not available for streaming.

Was Robert McCall a Callan?

In 1981 Woodward resurrected his most famous character for the 90 minute one-off Wet Job before finding international success in the US action/adventure series The Equalizer, whose central character of Robert McCall could almost be seen as the flip-side of the David Callan character.

Was The Equalizer Cancelled?

Find out how The Equalizer stacks up against other CBS TV shows. As of March 28, 2022, The Equalizer has not been cancelled or renewed for a third season.