How long is the Plym trail?

How long is the Plym trail?

about 7 miles
The trail runs for a distance of about 7 miles along a fairly flat, traffic free path. Along the way there’s nice views of the River Plym and the countryside of Bickleigh Vale. This route starts at the northern end of the trail at Clearbrook where parking is available.

Where does Drake’s Trail start in Tavistock?

It starts in the town centre of Tavistock and follows the Canal through woodland and fields. Park at Bedford Square or Meadowlands car parks. Toilets in car parks and refreshments in Tavistock town centre.

How far is Drakes Trail from Yelverton to Tavistock?

Drake’s Trail in West Devon is a 21-mile, multi-use route linking Tavistock with Plymouth. This important part of Devon’s recreational network runs along the western edge of Dartmoor with superb countryside, attractive scenery, and much historical and heritage interest along the way.

How long is plymbridge Woods?

Suitable for all ages, this makes a gentle round trip of about 29 kilometres. Suitable for the whole family this trail takes you into the Dartmoor National Park.

Where does Drake’s Trail start in Plymouth?

This spectacular route starts in Stonehouse in the south of Plymouth City. It follows the coast, past the Barbican, and then crosses the Plym Estuary at Laira Bridge, with great views over the sparkling water and marina.

Where is Drake’s Leat?

A leat is an open watercourse conducting water to a mill. Plymouth Leat, or Drake’s Leat, ran for 28km from the River Meavy on Dartmoor to the edge of Sutton Pool, via Endsleigh Place.

Where does Drakes Trail start in Plymouth?

How long is Grenofen tunnel?

374 yards
The tunnel is 374 yards long and today forms part of the Tavistock to Plymouth cycle route, part of the Drake’s Trail.

Who owns plymbridge Woods?

The National Trust

Plymbridge Woods
Coordinates 50.4088°N 4.0807°WCoordinates:50.4088°N 4.0807°W
Area 49.56 ha (122.47 acres)
Operated by The National Trust
Open All year

Who owns Cann Woods?

Woodland Trust
Cann Woods – Woodland Trust.