How long does it take to see results from eMatrix?

How long does it take to see results from eMatrix?

This non-invasive aesthetic treatment can restore your skin’s natural beauty and glow in just 4-6 weeks by smoothing wrinkles and boosting collagen production. To find out everything you want to know about eMatrix, keep reading below!

How does e matrix work?

How does the eMatrix system work? The eMatrix RF works by treating the selected skin area via a grid of tiny spots. The surrounding skin acts as a healing reservoir, regenerating and restoring collagen while accelerating the healing process to ensure limited downtime.

How much is eMatrix?

How much does eMatrix cost? We have created a number of treatment packages to help maximize your results and minimize your cost, including: Full Face: $500 a session or series of 3 for $1300. Neck: $300 a session or series of 3 for $800.

When can I exfoliate after eMatrix?

Do not use any products (including water) within 36 hours after eMatrix treatment. You may use regular cleanser and moisturizers after 36 hours. However, NO alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl products (AHA/BHA), Hydroquinone, retinols/retinoid, Tazorac and Differin products. NO exfoliation for 7 days.

What should I do after E Matrix?

POST TREATMENT: First 24 Hours after Treatment: Please keep the treated skin completely clean and dry for 12 hours. Do not rub or pick at the skin, and avoid any irritation to the treated area. During the first two days following treatment, avoid hot baths, massages, etc.

Does eMatrix work for stretch marks?

eMatrix laser skin resurfacing is an FDA-cleared treatment that gently resurfaces the skin over 4 to 5 treatments. It tightens surface loose skin, improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles, acne scarring and abdominal stretch marks. It also tightens pores and brightens the skin.

What do you do after eMatrix?

Post Treatment After your eMatrix treatment, your skin will feel like it has a sunburn. To minimize contact with bacteria please refrain from touching the areas that have been treated, and do not apply any cold compress or ice packs. You may use a handheld fan to cool down for comfort.

Can you wear makeup after eMatrix?

In some cases, skin might appear dry for one week following treatment. However, skin is usually completely healed from eMatrix treatments within three weeks. During the healing process, clients should avoid makeup, creams, and lotions with oil.

What should I do before eMatrix?

Please use SPF 50+ on a daily basis to protect your skin from being compromised. Do not use exfoliating scrubs, cleansers, or treatments for a minimum of 1 week prior to treatment. Please wait at least 4 weeks post chemical peel to schedule your eMatrix Fraxel.