How is Walmart diverse?

How is Walmart diverse?

In our 2020 Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report, we reported that our U.S. workforce, which is made up of more than 1.4 million associates, consists of 21 percent Black or African American associates, 17 percent LatinX associates, 5 percent Asian American or Pacific Islander associates, and 1 percent …

Does Walmart promote diversity?

Walmart aims to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and society. We are focused on creating a more diverse, inclusive team at every level and fostering a culture where all associates are engaged to achieve their potential and deliver on our customer mission.

How does Walmart leverage diversity?

Walmart leverages diversity and inclusion through its multilingual outreach, its addition of ethnic products, and its focus on science to ensure employees feel included. The Walmart supercenter in Dearborn, MI, is a great example of the company leveraging multilingual outreach to ensure diverse customers feel included.

Who started People of Walmart?

People of Walmart was founded in 2009 by brothers Andrew and Adam Kipple, and their friend Luke Wherry.

What is Walmart’s culture?

At Walmart, every associate is expected to practice behaviors consistent with four core values – “Service to the Customer”, “Respect for the Individual”, “Strive for Excellence” and “Act with Integrity” which trace back to the start of Walmart and are consistent around the world.

Is Walmart diverse?

Today, Walmart is one of the most diverse employers in the US. 57 percent of our U.S. workforce are women and 37 percent are people of color. 24 percent of our board members and 28 percent of our corporate officers are women – double the average of Fortune 500 companies.

How does Walmart define culture?

Culture is the foundation of everything we do at Walmart. We define culture as our values in action. It’s how we deliver superior customer service, create a great front-line work environment and improve performance in order to achieve our common purpose of saving people money so they can live better.

What are Walmart’s core values?

Sam Walton founded a values-driven company that today is grounded in four core values: respect, service, excellence, and integrity. These values are timeless. When our behaviors are aligned to those four values, we’ll build trust, create the right environment for our teams, and generate success.

What is Walmart’s organizational culture?

What are Walmart’s 4 core values?