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How good is Vox vodka?

How good is Vox vodka?

Vox is a 40% ABV vodka from the Netherlands. The vodka is imported by Jim Beam Brands. The quality is considered to be good. This exacting, time honored process ensures an exceptionally smooth taste, clean finish, and vibrant clarity by which all other vodkas should be judged.

What is the rating for Absolut Vodka?

Based on 8 votes, the average rating for Absolut Vodka is 6.8/10.

What vodka is American made?

Tito’s Vodka is a corn-based spirit made by the premier craft distillery in Texas.

What vodkas are distilled 6 times?

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE SIX TIMES DISTILLED AMERICAN VODKA. (U.S.) While most vodkas are distilled up to four or five times, this vodka is unique in that it is distilled 6 times..

Is Vox vodka made in Canada?

Where Is Vox Vodka Made? The VOX® vodka is made in the Netherlands exclusively from wheat, the most mellow of all grains for vodka, and it is meticulously distilled five times for exceptional smoothness, clarity, and crispness.

How much does Vox vodka cost?

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Store Information Price and Size
Beverage Warehouse Los Angeles, California – 310-306-2822 United States $ 3.99 50 mL
21st Amendment United States $ 13.99
Buster’s Liquors & Wines Memphis, TN – 901-458-0929 United States $ 13.99
Kahn’s Fine Wines & Spirits Indianapolis, IN – 800-621-8466 United States $ 19.99

What vodka is like GREY goose?

Pinnacle vodka is produced using French grain and water from the same region as Grey Goose. A crisp vodka, it has a fresh nose and is flavored with hints of citrus, vanilla, and wheat.

What makes GREY Goose vodka so good?

Grey Goose uses only the best wheat in production On top of that, they only use the soft winter wheat that is classified as ‘superior bread-making wheat,’ which insures their vodka is top-quality. Extra fact: It takes about 1 kilo of wheat to make 1 bottle of vodka.

What vodka is not made in Russia?

Stoli vodka isn’t made in Russia, but Latvia. And on their website’s front page it reads “Stoli® Group stands for peace in Europe and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”

How many times is Grey Goose distilled?

Grey Goose told USA TODAY its vodka is distilled only once “in an effort to preserve the quality natural ingredients and profiles of its ingredients.” Kirkland Signature French Vodka states on its bottle that it is distilled five times.