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How fast is an MGB V8?

How fast is an MGB V8?

125 mph
MGB GT V8. MG began offering the MGB GT V8 in 1973 powered by the aluminium block 3,528 cc Rover V8 engine, first fitted to the Rover P5B. The 193 lb⋅ft (262 N⋅m) of torque allowed it to reach 60 mph (97 km/h) in 7.7 seconds and go on to a 125 mph (201 km/h) top speed.

Is MGB fast?

Only it manages to sprint to 60 in 13 to 14 seconds. It may have felt fast and fun, but it was very slow. A modern car with figures around 100hp per ton manages under 10 seconds.

What is the top speed of an MGB GT?

Brief technical specifications…

  • Suspension: front; coil and wishbone, rear; live axle with semi elliptic leaf springs.
  • Dampers: Armstrong lever arm front & rear.
  • Steering: Rack and pinion.
  • Brakes: Hydraulic with servo assistance.
  • Maximum speed: 104 mph.
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 13.0 secs.
  • Fuel consumption: 25 mpg.

How do I convert my MGB to V8?

Conversion of the Chrome Bumper MGB 1800 Engine Bay to suit Rover V8 Engine

  1. Fit new chassis rail engine mounts.
  2. Modify steering shaft.
  3. Remove radiator mounts and fit later type.
  4. Cut away front pan and strengthen.
  5. Cut away bulkhead.
  6. Recite brake light switch.
  7. A dish is required in the inner wing to clear the exhaust manifolds.

How many MGB GT V8 were made?

Introduced 1973 – 1976 total of 2591 produced The MGB GT V8 was one of those perfect matches of components it really was surprising it took a private entrepreneur, Ken Costello, to bring it to the market place.

Are MGB reliable?

An MGB will run reliably if you maintain it. It nees tune-ups, oil changes, and “looking over” regularly. Sometimes wires may come loose (a simple fix) or the carbs may come out of tune (ditto) and sometimes they develop little problems of other types.

Are MGB good investments?

Hands down the MGB is the best classic car investment, these cars have been going up in value over the last 10 years.

What does the B stand for in MGB?

MGB. Main Ground Bus. MGB. Morris Garage Model B (vehicle)

What kind of engine does an MGB GT have?

MGB Buick 3.8 V6 T50 5-speed Bryant Ercanbrack 5 1964 MGB Ford 289 V8 4-speed Phil Erikson 30 1974 MGB GT GM 3.1L V6 (EFI)

What is the best MGB car ever made?

MGB Chevy 350 V8 TH350 auto Robert Milks 43 1965 MGB Buick 215 V8 T5 5-speed Jim Miller 10 1978 MGB Buick 215 V8 T5 5-speed Bruce Mills 15 1974.5 MGB Rover 3.5L V8 T5 5-speed Robert Milner 16 1967 MGB GT

What kind of transmission does a 1969 MGB GT have?

transmission Bob Elwin 18 1969 MGC GT Ford 5.0 V8 T5 5-speed David Thorn 10 1969 MGC Buick 300 V8 TH350 auto MGB GT V8 See also: factory MGB GT V8 reference section car owner photos year model engine transmission Brook Anderson 19 1976 MGB GT V8 Rover 3.5 V8 MG 4-speed +OD Bob Fisher 26 1975 MGB GT V8 Rover 3.9 V8 LT77 5-speed

What is the difference between a V6 and V8 engine?

The V-6 also makes weight less of an issue when driving around curves, corners, and turns. This is due to the fact that V-6 engines have two fewer cylinders. V-6 engines have improved performance compared to V-8 engines, especially when timing acceleration properly because there’s less tendency to drift to the outer edge.