How far should arrow rest be from riser?

How far should arrow rest be from riser?

As a general rule it’s supposed to be 1″ past the rest, not the riser unless you shoot off the shelf. My arrow tip with my compounds probably don’t make it past the riser.

Where should I mount my bow sight?

To mount the bow sight simply lay it flat against the bow riser with the sight housing on the same side of the riser as the arrow shelf. Next, align the mounting holes on the sight with the mounting holes on the bow riser. Then take the Allen head screws that came with the sight and thread them into the holes.

What distance should I set my 5 pin bow sight?

A common configuration for a 5 pin sight is 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. It’s pretty typical to have 10 yards between each pin, but there are those that may extend that to even 20 yards. 20 yard gaps are more common in 3 pin sights. In that case an example of a 3 pin sight would be 20, 40, and 60 yards.

When should I move my arrow rest?

Unlike sighting in your bow (when you chase the arrow with your sight’s pin), walk back tuning requires that your arrow rest be moved in the direction you want the arrow to go. For example, if your arrows are falling to the left of the centerline on the T then you will want to move your arrow rest to the right.

How do I find my arrow length?

The standard way to measure arrow length is from the back of the point to the throat of the nock. Your draw length and arrow spine will influence your arrow length. If you’re a 28-inch draw length and want an arrow that ends at the front of the riser, your arrow length would be around 27 inches.

Are drop-away arrow rests better?

MORE REFINEMENTS = MORE RELIABLE RESTS With time drop-away arrow rests not only became more refined, but also 100 percent, dead-nuts reliable. I think of models such as New Archery Products’ QuikTune series, which has made instillation, setup and tuning a snap.