How does proc sort Nodupkey work?

How does proc sort Nodupkey work?

The NODUP option checks for and eliminates duplicate observations. If you specify this option, PROC SORT compares all variable values for each observation to those for the previous observation that was written to the output data set. If an exact match is found, the observation is not written to the output data set.

What does Nodupkey mean in SAS?

The NODUPKEY option removes duplicate observations where value of a variable listed in BY statement is repeated while NODUP option removes duplicate observations where values in all the variables are repeated (identical observations).

How do you sort variables in SAS?

  1. If you list just one variable, then SAS will sort the observations in the dataset based on ascending values of that variable.
  2. You can sort in descending order by placing the keyword DESCENDING before the variable name that you want the dataset to be sorted on.
  3. You can sort by as many variables as are in the dataset.

Does Nodupkey keep first record?

NODUPKEY writes only the first observation of each BY group to the new data set TOWNS.

What does Proc sort do in SAS?

PROC SORT first arranges the data set by the values in ascending order, by default, of the first BY variable. PROC SORT then arranges any observations that have the same value of the first BY variable by the values of the second BY variable in ascending order.

What is the difference between Nodupkey and Nodup options in descriptor portion of input dataset work sale using Enterprise Guide is shown below?

NODUP will delete duplicated observations (records that are identical to each other) while NODUPKEY will delete those observations that have duplicate BY values (the sort BY variables that you name in PROC SORT).

How does proc sort work in SAS?

The SORT procedure orders SAS data set observations by the values of one or more character or numeric variables. The SORT procedure either replaces the original data set or creates a new data set. PROC SORT produces only an output data set. For more information, see Procedure Output.

What is the difference between Proc sort and nodupkey?

The NODUPKEY option in PROC SORT allows you to indicate that you would like records that repeat the key to be reduced down to one single observation. But SAS will randomly select one of the rows to keep.

What is the use equals option in Proc sort?

Re: What is the use Equals option in proc Sort? When you use NODUPRECS or NODUPKEY to remove observations in the output data set, the choice of EQUALS or NOEQUALS can affect which observations are removed. Re: What is the use Equals option in proc Sort?

What is auto-suggest in Proc sort?

欢迎来到SAS中文社区! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I want to learn the difference between equals and noequals in proc sort+nodupkey. 1-Is it only relevant for using in Proc sort with nodupkey or also using proc sort without nodupkey?

What does equals mean in SAS?

From the SAS documentation: “For observations with identical BY-variable values, EQUALS maintains the relative order of the observations within the input data set in the output data set.” So let’s say you sort the famous sashelp.class table by sex: There will be multiple observations for ‘M’ and multiple observations for ‘F’.