How do you use like a broken record in a sentence?

How do you use like a broken record in a sentence?

Definition of like a broken record —used to say that someone keeps saying the same thing over and over again I feel like a broken record but I can’t stop talking about the loss. He sounds like a broken record.

Why do I sound like a broken record?

To sound like a broken record means to repeat something over and over in an annoying fashion. The phrase comes from certain characteristics of a vinyl record, also known as a phonograph record.

What does it mean when someone says they are a broken record?

Definition of broken record : a damaged record that repeats part of a recording over and over again —used figuratively in describing something (such as a statement or experience) that is frequently or tediously repeated The Devil Rays’ season of broken dreams has become a broken record.

What’s another way of saying broken record?

What is another word for broken record?

exceeded surpassed
capped outshone
outshined passed
excelled outclassed
bested outdistanced

Why does a broken record repeat?

It doesn’t take much dust to get caught on the record groove to form a tiny lump of dust within individual grooves. With a diamond or ruby stylus bearing down on the dust as the record turns, it can easily catch things up and cause your record to repeat, loop, or even skip.

How do you stop a sound from breaking a record?

How to Fix the Broken Record in Your Head

  1. Recognize Your negative Voice As a 2-Year-Old’s Tantrum.
  2. Accept That Some of Your Self-Criticism May Be True, But Never Let Failure End the Story.
  3. Never Just Quit; Always Substitute.
  4. Instead of Planning to be Perfect, Plan to do a Little Better.
  5. More Martha Beck Advice.

Whats tapped mean in slang?

British informal. to ask or beg (someone) for money. he tapped me for a fiver.