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How do you use BGInfo?

How do you use BGInfo?

Using the BGInfo Interface. Using BGInfo is very simple: open it and click the Apply button, and your desktop will have a ton of system information plastered all over it right away. If you want that information to update regularly, we’ll need to add a shortcut to the startup folder, or create a scheduled task to do it.

How do I know if I have BGInfo?

BGInfo is enabled as part of the App settings. This is done through either Client Provisioning or the App Profile. In the App settings screen, select Advanced Settings and scroll down until you see the BGInfo Integration section. Check the tickbox Show BGInfo on Wallpaper.

How do I run BGInfo on logon script?

To apply BgInfo logon script using a Group Policy, proceed like the following: Create a new GPO then go to User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts (Logon/Logoff) and then double-click on Logon.

How do you reset Bginfo?

If you open your ….

  1. Open the . bgi file in bginfo.
  2. Click Background.
  3. Use the 2nd option (“Use these settings:”) to specify the source image you want bginfo to start with every time it’s refreshed. (Note: you may have to choose a Wallpaper Position other than None before it will let you select an image.)

How do I update Bginfo?


  1. Download the Bginfo.exe file from either;
  2. Move the Bginfo.exe to a desired folder.
  3. Open Bginfo.exe and configure the values. (
  4. In the Bginfo.exe window, File –> Save As.., save as .
  5. Open a text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, etc) and create a batch file with the following info in it:
  6. Save this file as a .

How do I make Bginfo automatically update?

How do I fix Bginfo black background issue?

How to fix BGINFO black background issue

  1. Make sure there aren’t group policies in place that restrict changing of desktop background through remote desktop.
  2. Set the BGINFO option to “update this wallpaper”

How do you automate Bginfo?

This PowerShell script will do all of the following:

  1. Create the BgInfo folder on the C drive if the folder does not already exist.
  2. Download the latest BgInfo tool from the Sysinternals webpage..
  3. Extract and cleanup the BgInfo.
  4. Download the logon.
  5. Extract and cleanup the LogonBgi.

How do I push BGInfo through group policy?

Click on the OK button. In our example, the GPO will create a local copy of the BGInfo application and configuration file. Next, configure the GPO to automatically start the BGInfo application. On the group policy editor screen, expand the Computer configuration folder and locate the following item.