How do you use a rocoto chilli?

How do you use a rocoto chilli?

Cooking with Rocoto Peppers They also appear in hot sauces and spicy salsas, or feature as rocotos rellenos when prepared as stuffed and baked dishes including meats and cheeses. I enjoy using rocoto peppers for making ceviche, for their nice level of heat.

What is the difference between chilli jam and chilli chutney?

Both a jam and a chutney will contain sugar, although a jam would be much sweeter, with the chutney having a more acidic, tangy flavour from the addition of vinegar. To preserve a chutney a combination of vinegar and sugar are used, whilst in a jam it is the sugar alone which acts as the preserving agent.

What are rocoto peppers used for?

It’s also a different species, Capsicum pubescens, which means it has black seeds and purple flowers instead of the usual white. The peppers are thick and juicy, perfect for stuffing and adding to the saute pan, scrumptious egg dishes, on a pizza, and anywhere else you want add a hot, crunchy bite.

What is rocoto paste?

Product details. Peru Food Rocoto Paste is great for sauces and to kick up any meal with a great flavor and high heat. Rocotos are a Peruvian pepper that grow natively on the slopes of the Andes mountain range and is a member of Capsicum pubescens.

What is the yellow sauce at Viva chicken?

Aji Amarillo
Aji Amarillo (Mild, Yellow) — sweet on the front end, with a mild spice on the back end.

Can I use sweet chilli sauce instead of chilli jam?

You could however use the jam as a sweet chilli sauce instead. Unfortunately as chillis and red bell peppers do not contain pectin then you do need to add pectin to the Chilli Jam mixture, otherwise it will not set.

How do you use chilli jam?


  1. Add a dollop to your gravy for a spicy kick!
  2. Round off your chilli con carne or bolognese with a spoonful.
  3. Stir into your summer pasta sauces for a sweet, warm flavour.
  4. Brush over roast pork for the last 30 minutes for a sweet and spicy glaze!
  5. Spice up your chocolate cake mix by adding a spoonful before cooking.

What is a rocoto pepper?

The rocoto pepper is an apple or pear shaped pepper similar in appearance to a small bell pepper, but this pepper packs a nice level of heat and great flavor. Learn more about it. The Rocoto Pepper grows in the Andes mountains from Chile to Columbia, as well as in the highlands of Central America and Mexico.

Where can I find rocoto tree chilli?

Rocoto Tree Chilli. The Rocoto pepper is perhaps the most unique commercially available pepper available, largely due to the isolated region of South and Central America this pepper grows in. Often difficult to source in areas outside north western South America and the southern regions of Central America, the Rocoto is very hot.

How many times hotter is a rocoto pepper than a Jalapeno?

Compare their heat level with the popular jalapeno pepper and you’ll find the hottest rocoto is about 20 times hotter than the average jalapeno. This would put the hottest rocoto on par with a low level habanero pepper.

Can you grow rocoto all year round?

Often difficult to source in areas outside north western South America and the southern regions of Central America, the Rocoto is very hot. In Melbourne, Rocoto is one chilli plant that can be grown all year round. Whilst severe or successive frosts can damage the plant, it usually recovers sufficiently to grow even bigger the next year.