How do you prop a clothes line?

How do you prop a clothes line?

2×4’s; or fallen tree limbs that are notched at the top to hold the line up. Works perfect for us. Two props on a line works even better. If you use the old boards just nail a nail on either side or notch the top and you’ve got your sagging clothes line high and lifted up.

What is a washing line prop?

About this product. This sturdy Better Dri Outdoor Extending Washing Line Prop is perfect for supporting your washing line, letting you dry your clothes outside instead of using a tumble dryer. It comes with an extentable height of up to 2.4 metres. Extends to 2.4m high. Includes a polypropylene hook and adjuster.

How tall should a washing line pole be?

Most poles are around 6′ to 7-1/2′ in height and can be found at your local True Value hardware store. In the end, you want the clothesline to be at the average height of a person or a couple inches taller to make it easy to hang clothes on.

How do you anchor a clothesline pole?

Clothesline poles secure the line on which you hang your laundry to air dry.

  1. Dig a hole at least 24 inches deep and twice as wide as your clothesline pole.
  2. Widen the area at the bottom of the hole until the bottom is slightly wider than the hole opening.
  3. Situate your clothesline pole in the middle of the hole.

How strong is clothesline wire?

1500 lb. This breaking strength is well suited to support 75-100 feet of drying space. It provides the most stability for heavier items all the while reaching the longest distance of up to 100 feet. A clothesline prop can be used to support longer lines.

How does a clothesline elevator work?

A clothesline elevator is a type of clothesline device that uses pulleys to raise the clothesline up high in the air. This allows homeowners to dry their laundry while still being able to walk around in the yard.

What is the purpose of a clothes prop?

clothes prop A long (2.5-metre), smooth tree branch, about 10cm in diameter, with a vee at the top. It was used to prop up a sagging clothesline of wet and hence very heavy clothes: Get the clothes prop under the line quick-smart, before the sheets dangle in the dirt!

What are clothing props?

noun. a long wooden pole with a forked end, used to raise a line of washing to enable it to catch the breeze.