How do you print a merit badge?

How do you print a merit badge?

You can print merit badge pocket certificates from a PO in Scoutbook. Look toward the bottom of the PO screen. Scoutbook admins and certain leaders can access POs via the “Needs Purchasing” report on the troop menu.

Can you do a merit badge by yourself?

While some of the merit badges you’ll earn will come from troop activities, some of the most rewarding badges are those that you choose and complete all on your own!.

What is a blue card for scouts?

The Blue Card is a two-sided, tri-section document, which is formally known as The Application For Merit Badge. It is an official Boy Scouts of America document that serves as a record of progress toward completion of a merit badge.

What is the easiest merit badge?

The 3 simplest merit badges that any scout can earn are Art, Fingerprinting and Photography. These badges require few supplies and can be quickly completed in an afternoon.

What are the required merit badges?

Required Badges . Below are the required merit badges Eagle Scouts must earn: First Aid . One of the first merit badges to be offered by the Boy Scouts of America, the first aid badge requires demonstrating the ability to help when someone is ill or injured until professional help arrives.

What merit badges are required for the Eagle Scout rank?

Without further ado, the 13 merit badges needed to reach the rank of Eagle Scout and their difficulty ratings are: First Aid: 5. Citizenship in the Community: 8. Citizenship in the Nation: 6. Citizenship in the World: 5. Communication: 8. Cooking: 7. Personal Fitness: 7. Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving: 5, 6.

What are the requirements for the merit badge?

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What are all the merit badges in Boy Scouts?

Wow- HUGE accomplishment by LHC Eagle Scout, Dylan Mitchell. All 137 merit badges completed! CONGRATULATIONS. According to the Longhorn Council, Mitchell