How do you hook up a hour meter to an outboard motor?

How do you hook up a hour meter to an outboard motor?

Connect the hot wire (usually red) on the back of the hour meter to the run wire on the back of the ignition switch, using a Scotch lock wire connector. Attach the ground wire (usually black) on the back of the meter to the boat’s grounding system.

How does an engine hour meter work?

The switch must be inserted into an oil pressure port in the engine. When the engine is running, the switch will close (completing the circuit) and allow the hour meter to ground and operate. In this manner the hour meter runs only when the engine runs.

Does Mercury vessel view show engine hours?

With the VesselView Mobile module connected to your engine you can easily keep track of true engine running hours and know ahead of time when you’re due for a regular maintenance interval. In addition to providing information on your engine’s performance, VesselView Mobile can even notify you if something isn’t right.

How does an hour meter Work on a lawn mower?

The hour meter on a lawnmower acts as a counter. It is meant to track the entire run time from the mower, so you know when specific maintenance tasks have to be performed. The hour meter on a lawnmower is attached to the electrical system, so it only runs when the lawnmower is used.

How does an hour meter work?

Mechanical hour meters use a 50 or 60 Hz synchronous motor which drives a gear train to an odometer type register which counts hours and decimals of hours. Synchronous motor at the back, worm drive to fiber gear wheel. Reduction gears at the left hand side.

How to install an hour meter on Your Small Engine?


  • Hole saw
  • 12-volt test light
  • Scotch wire connector
  • Sticky tape
  • How to install an hour meter on a generator?

    – Hardline hour meter – Part number HR-8063-3 – Yoursme hour meter mounting bracket – Small zip ties – Two (2) 3/4″ #8 machine screws with nut

    How to install an hour meter?

    Hour meter installation in about 2 minutes. This is a Hustler Raptor. I’m installing an hour meter on it. This is a Husqvarna Hour meter that I bought on Ama…

    How to install an RPM meter?

    Partsools. Tachometer – – – – – Can be purchased from most any auto parts store for as low as$33.

  • Tachometer Input Wires. The following are the wires going into the tachometer.
  • Finding the Tach Wire.
  • Using the Tach Meter.
  • Next,I found where I wanted to mount the tach,and removed a dash panel to access the wiring behind it.